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Always nice to share our visions with others, and expose ourselves to different visions from around the world. Smiles from Thailand the Land of Smiles! :~) Googoo La La is ......OUT Over 9 million served! ******************************************************************** Photography, the only hobby in which you are legally able to shoot people and chop off body parts :)) wonderful quote from ....Pics by J ********************************************************************* FAVOURITES and SPAM: When I look at many of the photos in the 100 favourites group et al, many dont get many daily views........ a photo having a lot of favourites is no longer a path to getting a lot of views. While I will continue to give LIKES and Favourites, I will not mention them in my comments. I suspect that Panoramio is watching the people commenting and it has an negative affect.......Spamming is not allowed by Panoramio.... When I began posting photos on Panormio I did so to document the location. I quickly realized there was no point since no one would bother to look unless the photo was of a higher standard, than I was posting.......Now, I have mixed feelings about this, I want visibility but I'm not good enough to get good shots from everywhere I go, good photography takes time and patience......I dont have either....but will continue to try. Apologies: Some personal pictures don't belong, but this is the only site to post them where image quality isn't degraded, after upload. ;~/ I put these photos here as my personal backup NOT for self promotion. Please don't bother to comment I will not respond. Thank you for your understanding. I try to answer all comment but sometimes with >1000 photos find it difficult to keep up, so I focus on my best photos first. Thank you for your understanding. I'm not the best typist and I find the letters "i" and "o" are too close together same as letters "i" and "u" and "(" and ")" If my comment says good sh*t ...... I meant good shot! If my comment says good lick ...... I meant good luck! Thank you for your understanding in this delicate matter! I find it amusing that some people feel that if they give you a yellow star you must give one in return. How strange, some people spend time reading about photography, buying the best equipment they can afford, spending money to traveling to places to photograph, getting up before sunrise, getting dirty, missing meals taking risks to take pictures, and their pictures reflect this effort. Sure some people can use poor equipment and get great pictures or just get lucky....wonderful they deserve credit, but not those that simply give you a yellow star and expect reciprocation,there is no easy road. Some people should spend more time learning photography than expecting reciprocity for clicking on pictures in Panoramio, these are truly sad individuals. Do these people deserve to have popular pictures when compared to others that work hard, I think not! However I am happy to give Yellow star to photos, that I feel deserve it, not people. I only request honest appraisal, no pressure to give praise where not genuinely heart felt. ********************************************* Ooooops my typos "Super shot great composition and colour tricky" for Ricky YP Li googoolar AKA Lady Goo Goo La Laaa getting lazy AKA goo more

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Thank you everyone for your kind comments. While I dont like this composition, I had little choice the rock is so narrow (and high) and nowhere to put my camera to get a better composition! ;-(

Smiles from Thailand! ;-)

WOW impressive place travelerosmx! Smiles from Thailand! ;-)

Lovely old shone building Kurt, love the texture! Smiles from Thailand ;-)

Nice shot Pat, yes photography is all about light, shots on the middle of the day are usually the shadows etc etc. Well done! ;-)

Thank you everyone for for kind comments!

@Ken Maybe next time, this time I went too far, more than 8000 miles in less than 3 months (Western coast of US, Canada to Mexico), too much time on road and not enough good photography....I want to see everything. ;-) Unfortunately not enough time, now a lot of work to do! ;-(

I wondered why you dont have many photos from this area, but assume maybe just prefer places off the beaten track..... those are usually better but require local knowledge.

Wonderful! Hmmm. YSL and greetings from Philadelphia. Neil

Great perspective of the tunnel, well lit...L+F


Preciosa fotografía. Hermosa vista. FAVORITE 28 Saludos cordiales. Chaydeé.

I'm honored by your lovely comments,Brabo. After returning to this hobby after some years away,I am also trying to expand my knowledge and style.I am very much enjoying this process of trying different things and delighted to receive feedback. Best wishes. Jack.

Lady, I spent a lot of time in the Tucson area this is as usual a wonderful photograph. Hope you had some time to drive up Mount Lemmon. It's a wonderful drive that shows the geography at various elevations from the desert floor to a ski resort at the top. Some of the rock formations and changing vegetation is quite spectacular, as you wind around the mountain you have turn offs with great views of the surrounding area. Cheers, Richard L&F

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