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This house is the Freer House.

Somewhat after the fact, I stumbled across this page having been using Google Earth to find the Ochre Cliffs.

Reason? I saw the total eclipse there in Dec 2002. I can tell you that the picture here is definitely enhanced.

I have a number of photos of the walls, the floor of the cliffs, and some close-ups; the two hours or so before the eclipse I spent investigating it, but keeping of the cliffs as they are sacred territory. A truly extraordinary place. How very smart the Aborigine to thrive in the Outback.

Happy to upload photos if any gets back.

Great shot! BO from me! Cheers Petra

Hi flat, beautiful swan! Greetings from Germany

This is the Taftsville Dam over the Ottauquechee River in Taftsville, VT (four miles from Woodstock).

Looks like there are more places on the top instead of underground in this shot, Flett Peter.

Hey, Flett, thats a good way to add some contour to the landscape, Mate!!

Generally, it sure is pretty flat up there.


PS, (attached to my last post on this topic, above)

toohard, check out the few photos Flett has of the road/water scenes. Imagine what that water would do to the railway across the creeks.

You can follow the old Ghan railway embankments on Google Earth from somewhere like Hawker (a few km back down this road) but look for the ones that are not the new coal train line to Leigh Creek.

This will likely lead you almost all the way to Alice Springs

Thanks, Flett & toohard


Flett, now as I seem to remember it, that flood pole is only about 6' high, so that might make it about 2½ to 3½' of water across the road...

It may well be a once in a 5 year flood, but when you wait for it to subside will probably be only a matter of hours, prehaps overnight. But the creek may have washed out some road, leaving a 6' hole for someone to find. Let the truck go first, I'd say, Mate!!

Considering that Port Augusta, some 90km back down the tack, gets only 10 inches a year, average, this spot has had it's 7 year itch wash!!

After 15 years in Stirling North, it sure is a delight to see that much water - imagine the wild flowers coming up in the next week...

Good lordy, would the vegetation grow!

Cheers, Peter, back in NZ...


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