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I'd just need a better camera to cope with the extreme conditions there. The view from the huge dune southeast of the lake is probably the most spectacular natural sight I have seen in China. (The most spectacular building remains Guanyin Pavilion of Dule Si)

It indeed looks like a Tang one.

yes it is very hard especialy for the transition date of two contiouns dynasties.

Sure, I'll drop you an email.

My words. ;) Zhu was a highly interesting man, no doubt.

Some of them are used as residence of local people, like the residence of the former Head of the Machine Depot, some of the others are in ruins. Fangzi District has actually been under a historical district planning since 2007. However we found that some of the main buildings seem to be somehow abandoned during a renovation. It is quite strange. I am still trying to figure out what happened.

Very easily accessible. It is a tour site.



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