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Gotcha'....thanks Geoff'....

Gotcha'...Reminiscent of our flooded 'Ashopton' village out at 'Derwent dams'...I've seen the ruins during drought... but it's short lived.. so is always deep sludge.../...Here, in your photo'..it's amazing how quickly things return to nature.

Gotcha'.... Geoff ! .. I trust that all went well... oh ! and 'Happy Birthday'.. Btw.... Cheers from Dave.

Gotcha'.. on the info'... Geoff

As we all know..... the guy 'without' a spade on his head.................
is called dug less............

Done Sword, Juno, Gold and now Omaha. Utah next year to complete the set!

Just up the road from Omaha Beach featuring a Sherman tank outside.

Omaha Beach was the code name for one of the five sectors of the Allied invasion of German-occupied France during World War II on June 6th 1944. Taking this beach was the responsibility of the United States Army and the untested 29th Infantry Division along with nine companies of US Army Rangers were to assault the western half of the beach and the battle-hardened 1st Infantry Division the eastern half. Support was provided by the US and British Navy. Little went to plan and navigation difficulties caused landing craft to miss their target and the German defences were much stronger than first thought. The foothold gained was the most tenuous of all the beaches and losses were heavy, 3000 KIA. Anyone who has seen the film "Saving Private Ryan" will know of this landing and apparently US veterans confirm the films accuracy.

This was a portable temporary harbour developed by the British to facilitate rapid offloading of cargo onto the beaches during the Normandy landings. Two prefabricated harbours were taken in sections across the English Channel and assembled off the coast of Normandy. These remains are a constant reminder of that incredible invasion.

This was one of the five beaches used by the Allies in the invasion of German-occupied France in the Normandy landings on 6th June 1944. It was the middle of the five beaches and was allocated to the British. The landings took place between Le Hamel and La Riviers on the flat section and the objectives were to secure a beachhead and link up with US forces landing at Omaha Beach. The landings were undertaken by the British 50th (Northumbrian) Division with sea transport and naval artillery support provided by the Royal Navy. The 8th Armoured Brigade provided armoured support. British losses were 350 KIA.


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