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See previous pics. This traveller cleaning "en route"!!!

See previous pics.

Not being particularly au fait with our butterfly friends every one was either a Cabbage White or if reddy brown a Red Admiral! Well my eyes alighted on the above while cutting my lawn and it was duly photographed and identified as a 'Comma' Butterfly! It is apparently common in the UK with a distribution across Europe and temperate Asia to Japan and south to Morocco. It has white markings on its underwings resembling a comma and its wings have a distinctive ragged edge, apparently a cryptic form as the butterfly resembles a fallen leaf. The caterpillars are also cryptic resembling a bird dropping! And not a lot of people know that!!! In the 19th century the population of Comma butterflies crashed and by 1920 there were only two sightings. The cause of the decline was unknown but by 1930 the population recovered and now it is one of the more familiar butterflies in Southern England. The potentilla fruticosa 'Primrose Beauty' is a short spreading deciduous shrub with small grey-green leaves. From late spring to early autumn it produces delightful primrose yellow saucer-shaped flowers. It needs a site in full sun to flower well and it certainly gets just that in my garden!

This memorial commemorates the D-Day Normandy landings liberating the town.

The monument to the liberation of the town after the D-Day Normandy landings.

William "Bill" Millin, known as "Piper Bill" was personal piper to Simon Fraser 15th Lord Lovat, Commander of 1 Special Service Brigade on D-Day. He is best remembered for playing the pipes on Sword Beach during the Normandy landings. He was the only man wearing a kilt and the horrible caterwauling must have struck fear into the Krauts. Bill survived to go on with Lord Lovat to Pegasus Bridge where to the sound of Bill's bagpipes the commandos marched across the bridge and twelve men were shot dead through their berets! Later groups, prudently, rushed across with helmets on! Bill's D-Day bagpipes were donated to the Pegasus Bridge Museum and Bill himself lived to the ripe old age of 88!!!

Another view of "Coypu" lake near my bruv's abode!

The Fire Salamander is possibly the best known Salamander species in Europe. It is black with yellow spots or stripes to varying degree. Some can be completely black while on others the yellow is dominant. Salamanders can have a very long lifespan and one lived for over 50 years in a German Natural History museum. Its diet consists of various insects, spiders earthworms and slugs. It can grow up to 9.8" long.

Another view of this lake in Caurel and where I photographed the Coypu!


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