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This 15th century tower dominates the Friary Memorial Gardens and holds a position of great importance in the history and development of Richmond. This fine Franciscan Friary bell tower built by the Greyfriars of Richmond represents the northernmost surviving monument to their great, if short-lived, impact upon the religious and social life of England. Dating back to the late 15th century the Tower originally formed part of an expansion of the Friary which was first established by the Franciscan Order in 1257/58 and is unique in that so much of the building has survived to the modern day.

This photo was taken from the Middleham side of the bridge. The other side is the Leyburn side.

This river in north Yorkshire is about 74 miles long from its source until it reaches the point where it changes its name to the River Ouse. It is the principle river of Wensleydale. The Ure is one of many rivers and waterways which drain the Dales into the Ouse. Tributaries of the Ure include the River Swale and River Skell.

The sixth castle on our list, building commenced in 1190 near the site of an earlier motte and bailey castle. At one time it was in the hands of Richard III but he spent little time there. After Richard's death at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485 the castle stayed in royal hands up to the reign of James I when it was sold. It fell into disuse and disrepair in the 17th century and was garrisoned in the Civil War but saw no action. It is now in the care of English Heritage. Right next door is Ben Haslam's racing stables and there were a few fillies on display! I was gonna photograph one until I got "the look"!!!

The source of this river lie in the shake holes which are found between Buckden Pike and Great Whernside that feed many small gills such as East Stone Gill, West Stone Gill and Downs Gill. Where these conjoined flows meet Hazel Bank Gill is where the river becomes known as the River Cover. And not a lot of people know that!!! It travels north east until it joins the River Ure, south-east of Middleham, just up the road from where we were and our next port of call!

Another shot of the Thorneycroft.

Apparently they were doing an advertising shoot showing this old-timer delivering barrels to the pub!!! Superb!

Whenever we see these delightful scarecrows we just have to buy a couple!!!

And yet another view of the harbour.

The lighthouse stands on Vincent's Pier and was built in the 18th century.


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