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Curious Gorge is the Columbia River Gorge's best guidebook for hiking and exploring the Gorge and the surrounding mountains.

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Turn the corner past Naked falls to find more remote swimming holes and waterfalls. Curious Gorge is the only guidebook with good info about the wonderful and warm Washougal River.

The loop trail up to Chinidere Mtn is fabulous!! The Chinidere viewpoint is spectacular!! Entry 79.

Dougan Falls on a 100-degree day is like Deliverance Gone Wild!! hahahahaha

Don't go up here--you might die!!

This is the Gorge's only publicly-accessible commercial outdoor hot spring pool. In order to visit Edgefield's you need to be a guest at the hotel. You can pay a day-fee here at Bonneville.

The canopy crane is interesting, but wait until late July at least because of the awful mosquitoes.

This hunk of rock stump is just up from the campground.

So neat to see, so hard to find!! Curious gorge is the only guidebook that lists interesting Gorge secrets like this place. Entry 20.

Ever see this hidden CCC lodge from 1938??

Keep the FUCK out!! Not the friendliest folks down here at Warrendale, eh???


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