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Curious Gorge is the Columbia River Gorge's best guidebook for hiking and exploring the Gorge and the surrounding mountains.

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Are you making fun? Either you are or you really love that fountain, and I kinda know you do, because I know for sure that this is NOT an exceptional photo. However, the people of Portland who doubt that this ever turns on can now see that it does...sometimes. Now I feel challenged to get a good pic of it in action.

Hi Scott, no hard feelings. Perhaps I was a bit hyper-critical, and for that I apologize. I haven't even looked at Pano for a couple of months, and other than the miserable view counts, nothing seems to have changed. So your guess is as good as anyones as to if and when they will discontinue it. I made the switch to G+ and really haven't regretted it so far. Here is the difference for me. I spent nearly 3 years uploading, geo-positioning, tagging, naming, and dealing with the quirky assed Panoramio program itself. My reward . . . less than 2M views for 10,000 images. Today, my view count on G+ is 87,507,274. Google Maps Views keeps a separate and different view count, that one is in excess of 80M. My primary purpose for using Pano in the first place was to give my images public exposure, with the view count being a popularity indicator. Major fail. Try G+, I am sure that you can find multiple communities to post your stuff to, and I'm sure that you will be more than happy with the response will get. Good Luck, Jay

Well, just for fun I'll chime in here again. I do live in Hood River. I do write hiking guidebooks for the Gorge and Bend (and now PDX) for a living. I belief is that you will realize your error when you choose to retrace your steps. I know the foot bridge over Moffett Creek along trail 400 you are describing. It's just that that little footbridge isn't this photo. I've spent 15 years retracing my steps all over the Gorge so that my guidebook is accurate. Just make sure you also take a drive along the HCRH west from Bridal Veil and take a little walk at the easy-to-miss Shepherd's Dell bridge. See ya out there...and I hope you like my book if you find it someday---it has lots of little secrets in it! cheers, scott

Pano is dead pendejo. Why should I give a rats where I geo locate. I don't even post anymore, and if you would kindly piss off, I won't have to hear about it either.

Yeah Josef, you are right...this trailhead no longer exists, at least to park at. It does make a trip to Falls Creek a bit easier to describe in a guidebook at least.

It's clear, at least to us Portlanders, that you placed this photo where Google told you to place it...not where you took it. The Hung Far Low sign is where the original restaurant WAS, not where the current restaurant is. Just saying.

Well, at least I know where I took the photo, even with my shitty camera...and then at least I care enough to place it correctly on the map. You've placed 10000, I can't comment on the 9990, I only commented on the Portland ones you placed ????.

Yes! Thank you Dick Ponzi for such a fabulous design.


Roll on Columbia, roll on. PDXccentrix, you are truly turning our darkness to dawn!

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