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It was Honore de Balzac who confided to the photographer Felix Nadar his belief that the human body consisted of a succession of layers, superimposed in infinitesimal films, which were stripped away every time a photograph was taken.

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Hello dear Teresa, many thanks for your brilliant comment. You saw the cross beside the road!?! My sincere greetings and from now will write the doctor. You have a right cerebral hemisphere very well developed, much more than normal people. This gives you several skills among these the one that just realized: hyperfocus. In short, you are able to identify details that normal do not realize. We have the same defect!!! Kind regards, Paulo. P.S.: 1. Please, do not use Dr before writing my name. 2. What does the cross beside the road? It means that at this very point one person was killed by traffic accident, most caused by cars or motorcycles, and this is an ancient custom of people of Christian faith.

Indeed and Brian Bartlett aka @taoab found it amazing too!


Mapped for [sic!] Brian Bartlett.

Majestic! FAV

Brian Bartlett revisits and "make-over" our places.


Timeless and the best image. Brian Bartlett aka @Taoab could find his path on his own.


How Brian Bartlett aka Taoab portray it better or update TIMELESS?....

Brian Bartlett aka Taoab just can't find his original path...

Dream house surrounded by wealth of vegetation, and I'm sure frequented by occasional animal visitors.

F +L

Greetings, Teresa

Exotic and beautiful!

F + L

Oh Dear Paulo CT Bittencourt I'm sorry for my self imposed persona non grata status...

What a nice estate! F + L

Sincere Greetings, Teresa

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