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I helped film a movie here in 1963 called the Island of the Blue dolphins. Us Air Force types played the part of the poor starving indians..

Just surfed in to this picture. It was taken from a room across the hall from my room. I worked in the dispenasry 1962-63. One of two medics. A blue ambulance was the ride. I attended a patient in the back of the ambulance. The patient did a lot better than me, all th eway down the coast to Hamilton. This picture is just the way I remember it.
A2C Timmons

My dad lendon c wayland was in the air force and was a fire man on the base in the 60' dont remember the years off hand but I remember the stories he use to tell about how cold it was and the wind never stop blowing. He past away in 2007 of heart problems but he love his time on the island.


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