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Hi, I am he known colloquially as Jopo, I am from a town called Rhyl on the North Wales coast in the UK. I have visited Sindangan four times to date, and a fifth time sometime hopefully in the near future. I am married to a local (Sindangan) lady , one Chona Jalosjos, who was a teacher at the Elementary School at Dicoyong Chona Davies, and residing , along with her two daughters Janine and Joyce ,( late of Saint Joseph`s College Sindangan), in Rhyl with me.
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Another candidate for recovery and possible restoration.

This one looks to be in quite good condition overall, and should be considered for recovery and maybe restoration , these old vehicles have historical value , if only they could talk !!!

I dont know why , but this pic has been viewed 3107 times, whats so special about it I wonder?

Second time I have photographed this place, at night this time, we were in Dipolog to get some money as the ATM was out of order in Sindangan, we went to Jolly Bee to grab a snack before the long journey back to Sindangan, and this was at 22.30 , and guess what, the staff were all full of smiles and greetings and were only too willing to serve us, even though it was near closing time, what a shame the staff of fast food outlets aren`t as willing as these members of staff, cheers to every one of you who served us.

Passed this strange landmark on the way to Dipolog a couple of weeks ago , on the way home to UK, never noticed it before.

Unfortunately I captioned this photgraph incorrectly as Sean Tamon, but it is really her younger sister Kimly, I wonder if I will ever see her, Sean or Lenon ever again, as they have moved back to live in Manila with their mother, a distance of 380 miles away, the only possibility would be to contact them and arrange to meet them as we transit through Manila on our way down to Dipolog in a couple of years time.

Inside St Josephs College , last time I went in there, it was a basket ball court / gym.

This Photo was taken from the balcony of the local travel booking agencies office by myself.

Looking across the park from St Josephs Church.

I never thought i`d see the day !!!

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