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Hi Ian, I would like to use this pic in a book which I am producing for Evans Publishing. Could you contact me at paul@manning26.fsnet.co.uk? Thanks

Regarding my photo of Cape Wrath, Panoramio recommends positions are set at the location from which each photo is taken. The photo of these rocks was taken with a long lens from the clifftop beyond the inlet immediately to the esat of the lighthouse. I.e.: where it was indicated on Google Earth. Thanks for your interest! Ian

I'm very pleased you've been looking at my photos! I'm half inclined to agree with your comment about 'tekkie's' "Cape Wrath Surroundings" photo, but I'm inclined to remember that Panoramio is intended not just for picturesque shots, but to show things "as they are". As a member of the Association of Lighthouse Keepers I'm well aware how much deriliction there is around lighthouse outbildings, and not only does 'tekkie's' photo show these buildinds starkly as they are, it also highlights the need for volunteers to assist with refurbishent. Frankly I'd like to see more photos of this sort, and of ordinary townscapes, rather than pretty photos of landmarks. Indeed someone commented on the blog recetly that rather than posting photos "of" landmarks that, let's face it, we can see in guide books, it's more important to include photos taken "from" landmarks. Regarding my photo of The Cathedral, you'll appreciate I've visited Cape Wrath on many occasions but I've I never wandered from the road or far from the Davey Hird's Cape Wrath bus. This photo was taken from the road with a 300mm lens. Hope this answers your query. Ian

Aah! Hello! Excellent! My name is Ian Stewart Williams. I was driving through Kensaleyre last year (2008) on my way home from a trip to Harris (and St Kilda) and on spec I took a detour up to Renetra. An elderly man just up the road from you was washing his car and asked me if I was lost. I gave him a bit of my family history and he directed me to your - what he refeered to as "the Stewart" - house. Coincidentally just a couple of years earlier he'd been to my uncle's funeral in Morar. He also told me you were out at the time, otherwise I'd have knocked. Yes do please get in touch: ian@onewilmar.co.uk or 01475 529858. I was born in London - where my mother went to pursue a nursing career - but I spent much of my childhood in Tighnabruaich and now live in Skelmorlie, near Largs. Sadly my mother died four years ago (four yaers ago tomorrow in fact), but her brother John Stewart is still alive and fit in London; I visit him and his wife often. He'll also be pleased you've made contact. I'd be pleased if you would email me or call me on the above number. Ian

I believe this is a photo of Amalfi. In any event, you positioned it at Recommone and not at Positano. Ian

Never been to Lanchaster! Regarding your earlier question, these monitoring posts are disused now. Many are derilict or flooded; some are refurbished; I believe one is a house. But during the Cold War a newtork of them was constructed across the UK to monitor the path of a nuclear fallout cloud, were there ever an attack. If you Google "Skelmorlie Monitoring Post" there's a link that will allow you to apply for a visit. I

I believe this is Marina della Lobra. Massa Lubrense 'proper' is inland a bit. Nice photo!

Your position is correct but this is Marina Grande. Marina Piccola is where the ferries run.

Well done! It is the A838 between Invernaver and Tongue. See also these photos of Glen Loyal looking north and Glen Loyal looking south.

From this point in Sutherland I reckon I could survey 50 square miles of terrain without a single sign of human interference; not even a sheep or telegraph pole.



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