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Dear Ian, thank you very much! We've had a curious Spring, a change of unusual warm weather and lots of rain with rivers leaving their beds and at the moment it's unpleasant and cold, we're hoping for warmer Summer days. Very best wishes from Switzerland, May

Ian, thank you, I am glad you like my logo! :)

Thank you, Ian! And time flies by without mercy... :)

Thank you so much Ian for your lovely compliments!

Warmest regards, May

Hello Jim, what an awesome secret place down in the shadows of the brook. And the sturdy stone bridge, maybe from Roman times? England has an aura of such a depth of history that our younger land doesn't have. Congratulations on the beautiful colouring and atmosphere. L&F. You are one of my favourite photographers. Greetings from Australia, Heather.


Thanks Berend.

The tiny hamlet of Dagun is at the centre of the image, its sawmill yard being the dominant feature. The patterned and cleared hillsides in the background were once major pineapple farms, but there are no pineapple farms, in view, there to day. One farmer is still producing pineapples on a farm to the east of the frame.

The late summer and early winter had some good rains and as we move into the dried months the ground is moist, the landscape green and the dams full.



Greetings Berend. Thanks for your visit and compliment. The wharf on the outside of the bend is where my ancestors stepped ashore in Australia on 30 August 1865. We will be commemorating their arrival this year - 150 years on.


This is a very significant historical site, Berend. And, yes I am pleased th Panoramio continues. I hope it stays.


The headland is part of a basaltic lava flow from a nearby Tertiary vent, the rim of which we now call Sloping Hummock. The warm Coral Sea makes this area a wonderful holiday destination. In summer the sea turtles come ashore near here to nest. Out in these waters the whales come to feed and calve and fatten the calves during the winter months. They are arriving right now for the winter.

Can't wait to show you all this, Berend.




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