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The birds mate for life, and while the female sits on the nesting site, the male collects greenery to present with which she adorns the nesting site... but how the male finds his mate in the carpark, I do not know... good recognition, or good navigation!

Hi Berend,

The stack is a great pedestal for the gannet colony... the birds merely have to open their wings and the wind lifts them off and they soar away. I loved the landscape.



I couldn't miss the opportunity, as late in the day as it was, Berend.



I was most interested in the geology of the range in the background. I was told it was volcanic but it looked as if it was uplifted, and therefore might have even had a limestone capping on the range. There were other jagged peaks, reminding me of some of the limestone caps on the Pyrenees. However it turns out that it is volcanic, but uplifted... so some of my suspicion was right. But I now understand that the range is part of an andesitic volcano from the Miocene period. But on arrival at the vantage point at the end of the day, the ships at the oil refinery berths were also of interest, so being mindful of you, Berend and your maritime environment which I enjoyed, this image was destined for sharing through Panoramio.

Nice view! LIKE. Greetings, Petr

I enjoyed the collection of images of Lawrence, Murray. It is not a place we have visited, though it reminds me a bit of Clyde.

Your use of the polariser makes this a great image, Murray.

...though I always hoped we did one day! Finally.... though there remains the hope that one day you will come to Queensland and we can stand in the same place at the same time!

Mejuah juah pak, Tuhu mejile kel photo si sada enda !!!!



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