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Ian, I'm not much of a reader but I'll look up Follet's book. Insight is something I need when I see huge and ornate buildings constructed to care for the spiritual needs of masses of poor people who might not have adequate living quarters or food, yet they give what they have to the church. Best regards. -Art

Ian, Thanks for tagging along. I have never seen onions harvested so I don't know if this is common or unusual. In either case, there was something artful about how orderly they looked and the subtle colors on a volcanic ash soil back ground. You might be interested in the fact that Mont St. Michel, Mont Dol and Tombelain (the only "mountains" in this area) are cinder cones and the mud around Mont St. Michel and this farmland is the same gray ash that you see in areas where volcanoes blow their tops. Best regards. -Art

Ian, They were very fresh and I would have had them all just in their own juices but I tried the chef's sauce on two of them. ;-) Eating oysters is also a way of reconnecting with my dad, who passed in 1971. As I grew up, he and I visited clam and oyster bars after going deep sea fishing together, and that is where I learned to love shellfish. Best regards. -Art

Ian, You are spot on. This was the second overnight we were going to have at St. Malo. The tide wasn't right for us the first night so we ran out on the sand just before the tide would start to come in. The rocks provided a riot of patterns so I decided to use them to frame the order and structure of the St. Malo citadel. All of this fun completely obscures the pain and suffering allied troups must have experienced when the enemy reduced 70% of the buildings inside the wall to dust. How proud the French must be to have reconstructed it all. Best regards. -Art

Ian, I thought so too. It was just and exuberant bunch of daisy-like flowers that I could make into the brightest thing I saw that day. Thanks for your affirmation. Best regards. -Art

Dear Füsun,

I was quite amazed at the speed with which they were catching the sardines.... and with many hooks on each line, the numbers of fish caught were great. It was a new experience for us. And yes we did enjoy and were privileged to be able to walk the Theodosian Wall. We were concerned for your health but pleased that Margaret was there to be your companion.

How wonderful it would be to be able to have more time together, walking the city and village streets of Queensland. As I write, Margaret is out on her morning walk at the moment, acknowledging the cows stirring in the paddock, passing the shops, the schools, the showground, the horses in their paddocks, a few early children waiting for the bus to take them to high school, walking beneath the avenue of jacarandas, crossing the river bridge, walking towards the mountain, returning back across the river, walking the footpath past the hairdressers, the soldiers memorial hall, the real estate agent, the fishing shop and post office, crossing the railway line, stopping to buy a newspaper. Then wandering towards home she passes the old mill paddock, then beneath more jacarandas, bauhinias in flower, and on entering our garden stops to admire the flowering callistemon trees, petunias and Xanthorrhoea that have sent up their first flower spikes this week! And then we we'll sit and read the paper together.

Greetings and dreams from Australia,


Dear Füsun,

The rocky islands on the horizon remind me of the Princes' Islands (Adalar) that beckoned me as the sat on the horizon each time we took the ship across the Bosporus! So just as a red pomegranate turned up on those islands so it might here too.

At this beach there is a sign warning one to be wary of crocodiles! So maybe the crocodile has frightened the pomegranate.

Love from Australia,


Verolme ging begin 80'er jaren failliet, na de nodige staatssteun, net als veel andere werven in die tijd (o.a. Wilton-Feijenoord). Ik heb vanaf de kant van de Waterweg bij Vlaardingen een van die supertankers bij Verolme te water zien gaan, echt een spektakel Willy. Groeten Berend

URGENT : We can save Panoramio ! Signing the petition form we can keep our beloved Panoramio alive !!! Minimum 10.000 signatures, we're aiming now for 15.000 signatures.

Thank you for your pleasant compliment Евгения Деканёва. Greetings Berend

URGENT : We can save Panoramio ! Signing the petition form we can keep our beloved Panoramio alive !!! Minimum 10.000 signatures, we're aiming now for 15.000 signatures.



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