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Dear Berend,

In this country, Yabba Falls are barely known, partly because the reserve in which they are located is also leased for grazing purposes, and that has the effect of limiting access. But the local government authority responsible for the management of the reserve has never considered publicizing the falls because it is a harzardous landscape with consequential liability issues. Furthermore it is tucked away in the extreme corner of the local government area - out of sight out of mind. However in this digital age, people are able to locate the falls on their laptop, tablet or smartphone and there is a growing interest in the falls, albeit a small population of interested people.

I was asked to speak about the falls since I have known of them all my life and for 2 generations before that in my family. Hence this diagram.

As a geographer I am entralled by the falls and there associated landforms and geology. There is plenty of majesty about them when one stands in the bottom of the ravine especially in the vicinity of Gate of Heaven and at the Top Pool. There are many surprises too for the falls are complex and not a simple plunge.

Their significance in relation to paleozoology and paleolandscapes cannot be overstated.

I am pleased that you find them of interest after all the images (aerial and ground) that I have shared.



Nice composition Ian. LIKE! Greetings Berend

Thank you so much photozol.

Best greetings GGR

Thank you very much, dear Füsun. And we wish and pray for you a healthy, fruitful and beautiful 2016. May there be many wonderful opportunities opportunities to see and enjoy.

Ian & Margaret

And there have been some very heavy rains of late. I presume your home is safe from flooding in Blumental.

Best wishes,


Dear Leo,

Nice to see some recent images of Blumental, telling me that you are still in Bluemental... though you have ventured to the sea coast recently.

Seven years since you were in Brisbane and Sydney!

We send you both our love and best wishes for a great 016. Happy New Year.

Ian & Marg

Greetings Berend,

Our main purpose in being in Belgium was to explore Messines, Ieper and Polygon Wood, but in the brief time available we had to include Bruges for the very reason you give... it's collection of interesting buildings and diverse architecture. Loved it.


Danke, Jürgen. And I wish you a wonderful 2016. Recently my history book was published. The story begins in SW Mecklenburg during the Thirty Years War, and later includes a chapter on Boizenburg.

Here is a short quote from my book:

"Beside the ring canal were several cobblers or shoemakers, and here Franz found a workshop that was very pleased to welcome a journeyman "von Blücher" for he would certainly be a good one. Boizenburg was a busy town, with new opportunities opening up for it was a port on the River Elbe and river trade and passenger movements were increasing. As Franz Stebens began his new ife in this town, the Lemmschen shipbuilding yard began to build its first river boats and barges. Boatbuilding continued here for almost 200 years until the reunification of Germany in 1991, when it was one of may former East German government enterprises to close. At the time of closure, three Stebens women, Maron, Brunehilda and Angelika worked in that yard, daughters of Eva and Erwin Stebens, a Blücher man.

"When Franz arrived in the town, it was a time of political ferment, and a time of new social mobility. Franz Stebens was learning fast, but having found his first workshop in a town, he was less likely to ever return to the countryside, so the question of land was not particularly applicable to him. But he learnt of masters on the estates who had cringed before their own labourers, and granted them all their demands, including unreasonable ones. He heard of masters who mounted their high horse and compelled their labourers with sword and pistol. Others would no longer ride about their fields without a couple of rifles in their wagon."

From the Edge of Oblivion, Stehbens IR, 2015, p25.

Mejuah-juah Pak Musliono... salam mjj i Chile nari!



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