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We had lunch near here the other day, and we were watching one of our small eagles soaring, but other than that there does not seem to be too many birds in the gorge except for cormorants. The problem is that because of the height of Yabba Falls (165M) and the many cascades like this one in the Gates of Yabba below, there are not many or any fish here, so there the birds would rely on reptiles instead.

Further downstream there are kingfishers.



I am planning my next visit already, Berend. This time it will be with another specialist, hopefully a geologist. There is another gorge nearby on a major tributary of the Yabba and I hardly know that gorge, so hopefully we will get to traverse it this winter, also.


I love it, Berend. Very few people have ever been here, and that adds to its specialness. Thanks for your appreciation.


Yes, berend, you are right. What I understand happened was that the environmental resources people wanted to include some of this area in the national park estate, and it was easier to get it past the politicians if it was an increment added to an existing park rather than having to negotiate the creating and naming of a new national park.

I have brought it to the attention of some of the politicians and resource management people, so there is hope that one day it will be corrected. As far as I am concerned this is Yabba National Park.

I am glad you can see bits of our local wilderness.


Wow Nice sunset and beautiful view! Like+Favourite

Thank you for your kind comment, Lucho!

Saludos, Inessa

It is wonderful, Lydie. I love it and enjoy it. Thank you for your love of Australia, too. I am so pleased that you have visited. I loved France when I was there too.

Kindest regards,


Bonjour, Lydie. The platypus do live here in this pool. Their burrows in the bank are just below the waterline. About a month ago the river had stopped flowing because of a long drought, but here the waterlevel in the pool was about 30cm lower than it is here now... and all the burrow entrances were exposed. The platypus are most active around the end of the day.

Thanks for the YSL!

Warm regards,


There is nobody to disturb the peace, Berend - only me and my friends. Very few ever venture here and yet it is so attractive, varied, and so awesome.


The last year has been particularly dry, Berend. This is a little better than a trickle but it is awesome when there is a flood! The drier weather allows us access.

I hope you have a good summer.




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