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Anything and everything nature. mountains, climbing said mountains, reading about climbing of said mountains.
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i have fotos the horses

Excellent work! Fav. this picture.

Greetings from Hungary, Márk

To "cabclaire"

Firstly, Sherpa's are not called "Claire"

Secondly, even Sherpa's cannot climb to the summit 3 times a week.

Even that suggestion makes you look ridiculous.

Sherpa's suffer from mountain sickness just like everybody else.

They can handle the conditions better than other people, but does not make them immune to those conditions.

You are a little 10 year old lier, looking for attention, who was clearly joking in the first place - it's amazing how anybody took you seriously without realising that.



Are you really that stupid?

this looks awesome. hope you had fun :)

Now that's a very beautiful view of mountains and the valley!

The American made APFSDS round is the most lethal direct fire munition in the world. The SABOT is the M1 Abrams main battle tank primary armor defeating munition. It is a KINETIC ENERGY ROUND with no explosive charge. The velocity (the American made General Dynamics KEW-A1 has a muzzle velocity of 1,740 m/s (5,700 ft/s), and density (depleted Uranium) provides an unimaginable destructive force, as originally calculated by Newton's formula for the "approximation for the impact depth for projectiles at high velocities" This formula is based only on momentum considerations. Nothing is said about where the impactor's kinetic energy goes, nor what happens to the momentum after the projectile is stopped.

Good photo. Greetings from Russia.

Beautiful ...

Thanks for your nice Picture

Greetings from Iran

hey soy de venezuela he ido a new york y no conocco muchas cosas megustaria una amiga para ir y conocer mas....bye


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