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This just looks so beautiful , the misty looks , the colours.. Nice1 :) Cheers from Oz. ~Lex

Thank you Juergen, for your visit and your comments.

Best wishes, Randy

bexapel, Thank you for viewing and for commenting. Best regards, DJ (MD-USA)

It's the Delaware Memorial Bridge (I-95 Corridor). This view faces southbound.

Meseemeth, I appreciate your comment; and hope that you drop by to visit this 'gem' in the District. Of course, after today where it may reach 103F with a relative heat index >110-112`F, ... you may have 2nd thoughts. (otherwise, ...late June to early July seems best)

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My 1st digital point-n-shoot while kayaking. This was Joes 7th attempt, to get a pic, since my 2.1 Mp camera had a 2 second delay before it would snap the pic -- in other words, the timing was always off. To correct for the delay, I told them that this time I would snap the pic ~2 secs before they jumped - counting aloud, "One-one thousand, two-one thousand,..GO!!!!". Exhausted at his 6th attempt, 'Joe' asked the others to volunteer for this photo. Instead, his friends encouraged him to try again, .. and this time they would all join him. :)

Hi whoelius, Thanks for your feedback! :)

You're right about being concerned whether to open the aperture to the max; outside (in the field), there's no certain way to know the sharpness, especially when I shot it from a distance of about 15 ft. Any closer and I'd be knee deep into the pond. I primarily wanted to test the lens 'bokeh', which is not as smooth as my Nikon 105mm.

Overall, I'm still pleased by the sharpness obtained by this lens with these settings.

Thanks again, DJ


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