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Wie wenn da einer, und er hielte ein frühgereiftes Kind, das schielte, hoch in den Himmel und er bäte: „Du hörst jetzt auf den Namen Käthe!“ — Wär dieser nicht dem Elch vergleichbar, der tief im Sumpf und unerreichbar nach Wurzeln, Halmen, Stauden sucht und dabei stumm den Tag verflucht, an dem er dieser Erde Licht … Nein? Nicht vergleichbar? Na, dann nicht!
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Excellent view of street art sculptures.

LIKE! Regards. Valentin

Very interesting architecture and photo.


Friendly greetings, majasa

Hhahhaahahaahha.... I love you also because you are ao funny. Definitely... A really hard duty. Goooooos luck my darling.


Hahahah... Darling... Seems mr. German weather said he enjoys annoying you... By always making the summer so short... But then mr summer said he will see what he can do for you. Hihihi

Hahaha... Kids seems growing even faster... Giving us answers so adults. Hahahahaha... How you answered it? With a simple :exactly??? Hahahahaha

More and more kisses.... Please?!


Hahahah... I'll confess... I'm not sure if is the same. Indeed I've never gotten better from Brazilian one. I was taking medicines until yesterday morning but it should be 5 days only... So I stopped.

My voice isn't perfect yet.

But what is funny... It seems worse after staying for long time where seems there is dust... Like the museum there next to the cathedral in Milan. And maybe even the dry air could be the problem. The fact is... After some medicines for allergies some bad feelings are gone... For example... I at least can breath a bit better. But stll coughing and rust voice... And the impression of water inside ears. Hahaha... Funny is... Seems mom is also sick... So... One coughs and right after the other answers coughing too. Kkkkk

Don't worry.... Really... Sooner or later we'll get better. And at least it isn't bad as it was in Curitiba. Hihihi so... No motives to worry.

But enough aaboutmee... I want to know about you... How are you today my darling????

:pd: :pd:

märchenhaft schön, L 59 & F 21

beste Grüße Klaus

Balloon? He likes it? And you... Have you ever been in one?

I hope I'll remember it all.... I really hope. Sigh...

Beijos meu bem.

imposante Architektur, ausgezeichnet abgebildet, L 43 & F 21

beste Grüße Klaus

Hahahah hahahah hahahah.. Actually my stupid vraibbrain ... Hihihi.... Understood from your sentence that they are not friends. Kkkkkkkkk

Well.... What is important.... Is that you loved ir.


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