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I wish we had digital photography 20 years ago, it's great to be able to take as many photos as you want, knowing you can discard the unsuitable images.

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This photo was taken by my late Mother Sylvia.

This photo was taken by my late Mother Sylvia.

CGabi and duskom - thank you very much.

Believe it or not, this is Royal Well. Before the modern bus shelters were installed, this is what visitors to Cheltenham were greeted with when they arrived by bus. The murals were an improvement on the old colour scheme, which was a dingy green colour. The murals were painted onto the shelter, to hide the graffiti that adorned much of the structure. The old shelter was repeatedly vandalised, so it was finally replaced with the shelters that are there today. Part of the old shelter still remains, it was used as a National Express ticket office and waiting room. Most people would say that the new shelters are an improvement because Royal Crescent is no longer obscured, I personally miss the old shelter!

Excellent photo. Could we have some information about the location please?

This shop held great curiosity for me when I was younger, Although the premises seemed to be prepared for business (trays laid out) there never seemed to be any customers. The shop remained in this curious condition for many years, until the shop front was altered. The windows are a nice feature, when the shop was open for business the windows would be fully opened to display the fish. In the background you can see a reflection of Ace bingo Hall, which is still in business.

This was a controversial building from it's conception to it's inevitable demise. The whole concept of placing a futuristic design amongst the elegant buildings of Portland Street, certainly raised eyebrows at the time. The restaurant closed and the building became a fitness centre for a while. But it's days were numbered, not many people shed a tear when it was finally demolished and replaced with a block of flats.

The only part of this image that remains today, is the row of terraces behind the railway bridge. This is what the area looked like before the Waitrose development and Millennium bridge was constructed.


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