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All vehicles riding on this road (M4) must yield the right-of-way to penguins that might be crossing the road. There aren't a lot of those in this planet. This penguin crossing is located close to a penguin colony.

Cape Point Atmospheric Trace Gas Research: The purpose of the GAW (Global Atmosphere Watch), which is coordinated by the WMO (World Meteorological Organization) is to detect, document, and understand changes in the chemical and physical characteristics of the atmosphere. These changes may have direct and indirect effects on the global weather system, the temperature of the atmosphere, UV radiaton, terrestrial and marine ecosystems and human health. GAW serves as an early warning and forescasting system for such changes.

Cape of Good Hope is the most South-Western point of the African Continent. Latitude 18o 28' 26'' East , Longitude 24o 21' 25''.

Dulker Island (Seal Island) is a major breeding area for seals.

Trips to Seal Island (15 min trip) are a common attraction to tourist.

Robben Island is the prison where the South African apartheid regime locked away its political prisoners. Nelson Mandela spent more than 25 years in a small cell (number 7) in Robben Island. The only time the prisoners were allowed out of the prison was to go to work in a quarry.

Camps Bay is a long sandy beach accessed directly from the road. The road behind the beach is lined with streetside cafes. This is a more family oriented beach and there is more space for games and sandcastles for children.

Camps Bay beach is one of the best in Cape Town area.

Since the end of the 17th century Robben Island has been used to isolate certain people, mainly political prisoners. It was there that Nelson Mandela was kept in jail during the apartheid (a policy of racial segregation in South Africa) era.

Bird's eye view of Cape Town from Table Mountain summit. In the background you can see the Cape Town Soccer Stadium and V&A (Victoria and Alfred) Waterfront which have been remodeled for the 2010 World Soccer (football) Cup.


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