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Right on Brother that is y car...

i like to visit this place one day!

Thank you for this google. General Contractor

Why exactly have you taken a picture of a wall?

Why don't you map this? It's be very interesting to see where this is.

Do you think it is safe taking photo's of your friends and families places?

Looks very interesting what's this then?

I'm so glad you stopped by to comment! I read about the Permanent Wave somewhere and went looking for it on a drive from coast to coast. Really enjoyed finding it and all the amazing bits here and there. Thanks for doing what you do, and for bringing some joy and creativity to the world.

Thanks for your Bird ID's. I'm pretty sure it wasn't a red-winged blackbird, but now it's been awhile. I'll go with the ReadingPublic analysis unless I hear more.

This was a bus stop!......but the allusion was to an obscure tv show called Laura Mars........a teen detective.........investigating a murder involving a school bus going over a cliff.....a bunch of us were fans of the show 'till in went under. BFree


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