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I have been classified as a vulture. But I'm really an artist. I oil paint, and play the french horn in a local orchestra. I love cats and horses and vultures.

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I would love to see more pictures of this old school house! R.L. Brown,,you live close to this old building,,,what shape is it in?

This is the second oldest fig tree in San Diego County. It is located in Greenwood Cemetery. The oldest fig tree is in Balboa Park.

YOU HORRIBLE MAN PETERBNZ! How dare you criticise our beautiful red dusty parched 90% desert country. Remember, we had a shower this year in the red centre. Just because that shaky pair of floating mountains called NZ. is a bit green, with the best trout fishing in the world.. (the truth always hurts...)

la ilaha ila howa subhanak allahoma

This is just a fraction of the poppies that bloomed in the spring of 2010. The hills were streaked with orange, and the flats looked like they were covered with orange carpet.

Thank you for posting this picture. Beautiful statue.

I remember that day vividly. They announced it over the PA system at school. My aunt Peggy lived on the next block. My father was on the SDPD at the time, and responded to the scene. He took me there a few months after the crash, and showed me the big patch of pavement covering the hole where the nose hit.

Awesome picture! I remember that. I was one of the first people to drive over that bridge. I was very young at the time but I remember very well!


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