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Η φωτογραφία έγινε η μεγάλη- μου αγάπη, από πολύ μικρή ηλικία... Το νερό, είναι ο θεός για κάθε δημιουργία στην γη. Το νερό το λατρεύω! Τα θέματά μου είναι παρμένα από την φύση, αλλά και από τον άνθρωπο. Χρήσιμα ή όχι, το καθένα έχει την δική του ομορφιά ή γοητεία... Την φωτογραφία την θεωρώ τέχνη αλλά και τεχνική. Για μένα ο θεατής, είναι και κριτής. Δεν μου αρέσει να βρει κάποιος, ψεγάδι στις φωτογραφίες μου, ως προς την τεχνική πλευρά... Πολλές φωτογραφίες στο διαδίκτυο, είναι τέλειες από κάθε άποψη...

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▓ ☻ galloelprimo ☻ ▓,

Thank you my friend : )

'However, few days before the appointed nuptials, she (Nereis) asked him to go to Oropos to consult Amphiaros, the God of Dreams, on the intended marriage and to be cured of a disorder in his eyes. The temple of that god is situated twelve stadia from Oropos, on the very spot where, as he was riding out of Thebes, the earth is said to have opened and swallowed him up in his chariot. Near the temple is a fountain called also by his name, the water of which is neither used for sacrifices nor lustrations, nor is it permitted even to wash the hands in it or to employ it for any purpose but the cure of disorders. Ibicos bathed his eyes in this water and threw in some money as is customary in such cases.' From The Travels of Antenor in Greece and Asia. The Story of Ibicos.

Beautiful shot - Greetings.

Hello Edward. Thank you very much. Ingo


Beautiful picture of this amazing place. Very well captured view, LIKE 4, regards from Belgium, Lucien

'The custom of saluting those whom sneeze is very old and extends all over the inhabited world. The legend is that when Prometheus formed the first man, he stole the fire from heaven and carried it in a phial, which he placed under the nose of the statue to make it breathe. The celestal phlogistron soon penetrated in its head, established itself through the fibres of the brain and spread though the vein system; upon which, the first sign of life the new being gave was that of sneezing. Prometheus, rejoicing this symptom, immediately exclaimed: May the gods bless you. And this exclamation made such a strong impression on the first of our race, that he ever used it on similar occasions and handed it down to posterity.' From The Travels of Antenor. The Origin of the Compliment Used to Those Who Sneeze.

Dear Giorgos Rodinis. Your comments is correct. It is NOT the actual place where te pic is taken. I have to figure it out. Remember up with the Pilion train and in a village centre there whas a building wich is NOT look like a church outside..but inside it whas verry nice. I correct the location but it is not 100% actual.

Regards joop xmit /jooparazzi



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