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Not to be missed by any one visiting Cornwal. Beautiful little fishing port.

Thank you, JRP86 - All Souls' it is...

Seeing where it is on the map, I remember going through here before walking up the tower in the background of this image and taking the shot that is featured here on panoramio of the Radcliffe Camera.

I look forward to viewing images of yours here on this site.


Thank you, the photo's description has been altered. I look forward to viewing some of your images here on Panoramio.


Thanks, Joe - I've corrected the photo's description, glad you liked it



it was never my suggestion that the photo was OF Sintra's beautiful palace. The photo was taken FROM the main steps of the King João I wing, OF the surrounding area.

I titled the photo to show the exact location that I was in at the time. So as not to cause any possible confusion for yourself, and for any other viewers, the title now includes where the photo was taken from, and what is included in the photo.

Take care,


My Dear Arthur,

again, I thank you for your kind attention to the images that I've shown here for view.

This is what I like about Panoramio - I've made an error in my labeling of the photo, I'm corrected by someone with a much more intimate knowledge of the beautiful area that I was fortunate enough to visit for a short time, I'm reminded of the beauty that I saw and captured with my camera in the first place, and the details are corrected for others to view and to maybe find for themselves.

Nice one.


Obrigado para sua ajuda, Brun - eu gostaria destes de ser etiquetado corretamente, assim que sua ajuda é apreciada. Andrew.

Dear Arthur, Thank you for your kind guidance on this photo - I have changed it's title to that which you tell me is correct.

I have another photo here - of some typical, yet beautiful balconies in Madrid (possibly near the El Rastro market on Ribera de Curtidores). Would you possibly know where they are, and be able to let me know so as I can correctly place this image on Panoramio? The mural on the left hand side of the photo may be of assistance.

Either way, thanks again,



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