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Peacebuilders International works to create a sustainable just-peace, especially in the Asia-Pacific Region. Some of those trained as peacebuilders and the arenas in which they work are depicted on this site. Photography is a tool for recording and research into conflicts as well as a means to generate creativity and reflection, both of which are essential to peacebuilding.

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Don't forget to plan on a stopover in Singapore, Füsun. Margaret might even fly over and meet you there so the two of you could enjoy shopping and exploring together!!

Just can't stop hoping and waiting for your visit.


If you see this posting, Jim Evans, you will be pleased to know that I have finally visited Sue Allen, albeit impromptu and a surprise, finding her at home with her daughters. We had a delightful 40 minutes together, and found much in common beside our interest in landscape photography. It wasn't hard to locate her, for her postings of images of her home property was all the direction I needed. And if you ever decide to set sail for the antipodes, you will be made very welcome by both of us... and we can show you some trains and let you loose in several harbours!


Belated greetings, Berend.

The terra rosa is very heavy when wet, and that is most of the time in Solomon Islands. It has been a while since I visited these images, but the reason I have just found your old comments is that my travelling companion on that muddy day, a Solomon Islander, is staying with us at the moment. It is a real privilege to be sharing time together, R&R for him, from the demands of his peacebuilding work.

Mostly by manpower, Berend. Itt is amazing what 20 male passengers can do with a truck.

Thank you, Peter. We have had some wonderful weather during each of our NZ visits, although it always includes times for staying in urban areas where it is possible to shelter in coffee shops!


Thank you Daniel!

Best regards, May

蒂芙尼 林, thank you so much for commenting and for the LF!

Warm regards, May

Dear Ian,

As you know last night we have another terror attack in Istanbul

We are still shocked!

Everywhere blood!

Thank you so much for your kind email. It impressed me very much.

It is so nice to know that we all are standing together to fight terrorism!

I will send you an email soon.

Love Füsun

"I'm Explaining A Few Things"

You are going to ask: and where are the lilacs?

and the poppy-petalled metaphysics?

and the rain repeatedly spattering

its words and drilling them full

of apertures and birds?

I'll tell you all the news.



And you'll ask: why doesn't his poetry

speak of dreams and leaves

and the great volcanoes of his native land?

Come and see the blood in the streets.

Come and see

The blood in the streets.

Come and see the blood

In the streets!

Pablo Neruda

Hi Berend. As you know, to enter into another culture is always a great privilege as well as an adventure. To be invited in and welcomed is a great honour. I was attending this young man's wedding. He was marring an Australian. Recently he has migrated to Australia, is already employed and has enrolled in an English class in order to improve his fluency.

This was a very special day in my life.


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