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2013: As my mission wears on, i have come to realize that i am also capturing places that are quickly disappearing due to human action. In the tidal places sea level rise is drowning swamps and forests, in the highlands mountain top removal is choking the waters with pollutants, and everywhere else farm runoff is over fertilizing the water. I expect soon, so sadly, the only things left of these great beautiful places will be my pictures, a testimony to what was, and we forfeited. If i don't hurry, there wont be even a record of their existence. 2009: I am on a mission to document the mid Atlantic rivers, in the hope that it will help to promote the conservation and care of our fresh water resources and their recreational and ecological value. I also hope to document river access points, to show future paddlers where to access rivers, and what the places they are going to look like

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 I enjoyed your pictures. Around 45 years ago - our boy scout troop (887) used to canoe this stretch of Bull Run every year. We'd put in at Bull Run Regional Park, camp at Hemlock Overlook Park back when it was wild and undeveloped, and pulll out out at that first boat ramp at the Occoquan Reservoir the next day. 

Those hemlock trees at this stretch of Bull Run and a few other incised streams on the fall line are precious. They were isolated from the rest of the Eastern US Hemlock population - mostly in the Applacian Mts. by the flat Culpeper basin, so when every other wild hemlock tree in the Mid-Atlantic (including what were the tallest and oldest trees in Virginia in Shenandoah Natl. Park) were wiped out by the wooly adelgid back in the 1990s, these were the only trees to survive!

That's Dan Snyder's house.

Fantastic photo, i love your choice of theme and the stillness of sunset that you have captured here. Makes me want to go paddle there.

Thanks for sharing this with the world.


look me up come warm season, perhaps we do an outing together

Thank you, corrected the title. ... dyslexics of the world untie

That small creek is called Cabin Run :)

Used to live on it up at Sunnyview. Took a small boat out around -64 and got stuck. Had to get my dad to come and get me across from this place. Tide would not let me get back. Used to snag Herring in the creek. Really changed since the '60s. Had freinds in Riverside Estates. Miss the place.

"there is a hidden duck blind in this shot, can you see it?"

Yep, that's easy! That's a Duck Blind for blind Ducks. No self-respecting Duck would go anywhere near that blind. LOL


I have been using some of your pictures as research for recent trips to the Potomac. It seems as though you have been pretty much everywhere! I recently did a trip to Pennyfield Lock, paddled up the canal to Violette's Lock, and back down the middle of the river through Seneca Breaks and the WW that follows. It was a great little day trip.

I am planning an overnight trip with a friend next weekend. I was looking into Paddling/floating from Harper's Ferry to Point of Rocks. Seeing as though you have been in this section of the river (probably many times) I had a few questions for you. How passable is the this section of river? There seem to be many rocks and some of the pics show low water. Is it similar to the areae south of Seneca Breaks in terms of Class? What is a safe river level to attempt this trip using one of the nearby gauges?

Hope to hear back from you. Thanks for all the great pics!

There are two islands at this spot. There an opening to the right side of Spyglass island which leads to what is left of what was the main channel of the river. The channel at first is very narrow and only open when the tide is in. The channel makes a turn around the long island and then becomes quite wide. it is very long and heads north to where the Mount Pleasant ferry use to be located. I use to keep my boat along this hidden tidal branch of the river. It's only about two foot deep at high tide, at low tide it becomes a mud flat with a tiny stream down the middle. The remains of some of the Chesapeake Flotilla may be under many feet of silt along that back channel.

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