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Diego: Thanks. I'll try to get more shots of "ice paddies" in the future. Saludos, Indy

Thanks, amazingcats100. I didn't lengthen the exposure when I took this shot because I didn't know how to use the camera back then in 1986. I'd definitely do it differently now! When will you be showing the world some of your own photos? Greetings from Canada, Indonesia Jones

Slide scanners often have a program feature that allows you to turn negatives into digital positives. If not, you should be able to do much the same by inverting the colours in a photo editing program. Happy scanning! Indy

Thanks, Lydie. I haven't been to the "Top of the world" since 1993, and I miss it. Sunshine Village is magnificent, but I'm willing to bet that Chamonix is far better! Salut, Indy

Quite true, Auggie. We have different styles, perhaps different objectives, too, but I really like your work. It always shows me another way to see. You tend to expand the view, revealing the magnificence of a scene, and I tend to narrow it down to become more intimate. Both approaches are legitimate; it's art, after all. Thank you for your truly generous comment! With toque and mitts (speaking of controlling exposure - to the cold!), Indy

Steve: Thanks for commenting, and it's good to know that someone agrees! Actually, I understand both points of view because I was a purist myself at one time in my life. But as I got older and began to understand art, including photography, as the expression of emotion, this changed my objective in creating images. None of my teachers helped to clarify this to me, but now, as both an artist and as a teacher, I have opportunity to teach the purpose of art to other people. Of course, I only represent one point of view, but it is a point of view worth knowing. Others may disagree, and I will respect that. But I feel badly for them because they may miss out on the joy of creating for beauty's sake. Respectfully, Indy

Thanks, Ismail! I'm glad you like both of these photos. I had a look at your snowy images from Turkey - certainly seems cold! Best of hope from Canada, Indonesia Jones

Thanks, Gabriel, for the vote. My impressions of Romania, from your photos, is that it is hilly and charming. Interesting work! All the best from Canada, Indonesia Jones

Somehow, despite the incredible numbers of tourists which plow through this tiny community to capture the heart of small-town East-Coastal Canada, Peggy's Cove has retained much of its feeling of authenticity. Of course, despite the fact that fishing is recognized as the way townspeople earn a living, tourist dollars must also be taken into account. Yet it seldom shows. This is a credit to community members who have understood how to handle the difficult situation of tourist demands.


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