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Thanks, zanot10. I like your night photos of buildings in Budapest. All the best from Canada, Indonesia Jones

Another L!


Perfect. Almost noon and still misty.

Is this really August?, or is your date off?

The best that I can do, now that it's too late to buy the corn, is to make the colours pop! Indy

Martijn: To read your compliment is no small thing. Your panoramas are exceptional! I particularly enjoy your pan from inside KLIA - an astounding airport, n'est pas? Best wishes from Canada, Indonesia Jones

Hi Reinhard...yes, the new look of the coast no longer gives us a headache. I like this more, too. Indy

My family met with old friends and had dinner at this restaurant as the daylight was fading from the sky. This is old-style eating such as is done all over Southeast Asia: a roofed dais of wood and bamboo, with mats laid down for more comfortable and clean sitting. Shoes and sandals are taken off before entering. I'm accustomed to sitting in cushioned chairs when I eat, so I admit to being less than comfortable than everyone else was, and my back was very sore by the end. But the spicy and healthy dinner was exceptional, and I wouldn't trade it for any comfort.

Thanks, Michael. The angle is quite on purpose. When I tried other shots from a distance, the palm looked as though I could have lined up two different trees, one behind the other, so I tried to show something from an angle that shows, with less doubt, that the palm is indeed growing directly out of the banyan. Still, what I really wanted is to climb the tree and get a shot from the exact point where the palm rises out of its enclosure in the other tree. But I didn't trust my climbing skills or the strength of those dangling roots, and most trees in the area have trails of large red fire ants awaiting a fresh victim. My insurance didn't cover stupidity. With a click of the shutter, Indonesia Jones

A number of fairly posh hotels have extended their chains into Pontianak over recent years. One of these, Orchardz Hotel, is well situated on the busy Jalan Gajah Mada in the centre of the city. While I've never stayed here, I've eaten at the splendidly reconstructed Restoran Gajahmada next door, and stayed at the equally handsome Hotel Gajahmada just down the street (the night before my wedding). Pontianak has gone from being a provincial backwater to taking on a quite cosmopolitan flair.

Beautiful Indy!!

Oh great now I'm hungry too... =D

Like from me!

Happy Wishes, GG


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