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When I lived in Jasper, Old Fort Point was my place of contemplation, a place, as I put it, "too holy for the reading of even a Bible", although I did, in fact, bring a Bible up there at one point. The beauty of the sight just penetrated my spirit. From there you can see the whole of Jasper and its surrounding mountains because it is an island in a sea of forest, almost devoid of trees. Some very unusual rocks can be seen there - conglomerates of some kind, and very quirky.

Hi, diego. Good question! The shocking blue colour is created by rock silt which flows into Moraine Lake from glaciers on the mountains which surround it. Nearby Lake Louise has the same colour. Not all the lakes in the Canadian Rocky Mountains look like this, but some of them do. If you plan to visit, also check out the lakes in Yoho Provincial Park, British Columbia, which is close to this location, on the other side of the North American continental divide. The lakes there are just as amazing. Saludos, Indy

Thanks, Derek and GG! The long exposures have been possible since I bought a shutter release cable that can take me beyond 30 seconds of exposure. I've added a blur effect through the Gaussian Blur option on Photoshop Elements, and that reduces noise on the water and sky. But I did nothing to reduce noise on the land because so little is produced on my Nikon D200, which has a noise reduction feature. Newer models, like the D7000, are even more effective at knocking out noise. Chilled but still conscious, Indy

Really enjoyed your latest additions. Impressed with the long exposure and how little noise there is. Great shots! Derek

Thank you, Drosoula Stella, for your "like" and vote. Your images of Greece are simple and strong. Please keep them coming! Best greetings from Canada, Indonesia Jones

nemrod: Good of you to send your comments, and thank you. Best wishes from Canada, Indonesia Jones

Very nice shot! Like

To Nature Diver and Paulo Moreira: Thanks, both. When I shot this, I was more into mountain photography and much less into architecture, but the addition of the rainbow and the red/green complementary colours made it irresistable. Indy

Athabasca Falls has long been a favorite of mine. Its unique form and shocking power have drawn me again and again since 1979, my first visit. When I lived in Jasper, it remained fascinating because the river, so wide, narrows down to the thinnest of funnels so quickly.

Who knew that voodoo that you do with these Hoodoos? :)) Awesome Indy!

Have a great weekend!:)GG


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