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The two NZ Frenzy Guidebooks will deliver you to the "real NZ"...the New Zealand that most guidebooks know nothing about...the magnificent New Zealand that lies off the Beaten Track...the New Zealand without tour buses, without tourists, without entrance fees. yes, the Real New Zealand! Read the excellent reviews on an instant-download PDF of the book on
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Amethyst hot poolr are "hit-and-miss", given they change every year and require people to dig out new pools. Though they are not far from the highway, they are not easy to find....and make sure to bring something to dig with!

The Waimatuku River spills across the beach about 10km from the road entrance to Oreti Beach. Obviously, some folks try to drive across the river or too close to it. Not a good idea---turn back and floor-it back down Oreti!!!

The Hollyford River is GORGEOUS here!!!

There is a pull-off carpark for this signed track just before the final road-end. This swinger is definitely worth at least a quick look. The Moraine track is said to be sheer hardship and low bang-for-the-buck.

This is what a 5-star hotel looked like back in "the day". The excellent "Cromwell Walks" brochure has all the historic details that brings the Bendigo ghost town to life---don't visit without it!

You won't want to visit these hot pools in the daytime unless it is pouring rain. My book has all the details you'll need to find the easily-accessible free natural hot pools on the South Island, as well as hands-on advice as to how to avoid the sandfly plague.

The rugged track to Robert's Point is the best bang-for-the-buck walking track at Franz Josef glacier (excepting the valley-walk to the glacier snout).

Clifden cave sees few visitors, but for cave lovers it's a must-see. It's quite the adventure route through the cave between entrance and exit. Entry F9 has all the details and advice to enjoy this little off-the-beaten-track adventure.

Photographers will love this waterfall, especially at low-water when you can find lots of fun angles to capture it (without too much mist).

It's pretty difficult to find exact directions as to how to find these riverside hot pools. There are no signs nor obvious paths. Sally Jackson's Hot Springs book has directions, but the road has washed-out a bit since she wrote the guidebook. Entry D4 lists all the details and directions needed to find the pools, as well as advice about the horrid sandflies and how to avoid them.


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