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I went to Hieizan-Enriyaku-ji at the end of week on July. It was a very hot and fine day. At first, I had had a plan that I got Eizan line, then by way of cable car. But because of its higher cost of fee, I decided to get Keihan bus from Sanjo-Keihan station in Kyoto. The top of Hieizan was a little cooler than in downtown such as city of Osaka or Kyoto. But due to strong sun beam, I had to wipe the sweat from my face. The view of the top of Hieizan is very nice. As well as Lake Biwa seen under there, I was able to see lots of mountains over there horizon. Enriyaku-ji is calm temple and it is always sounding a ding-dong. In particular Kon-pon-tue-dou is one of the recommendable. It is spirituals.

This is Jizou-in which has another name bamboo temple. It has a silence in this tiny temple surrounded bamboo. Let’s keep a quiet. You can listen to the sound winding thorough the bamboo forest and birds singing in. You may want to stay in there for long time. I recommend you come to the temple, when you visit to Arashiyama. It is near the Arashiyama. The nearest station is Kamikatura in Hankyu line next to Arashiyama. If you are tired in your trip in Kyoto, please do come here for a rest. An admission fee is \500.

Otabu Island

Otabu Island is located in the Seto Inland Sea and one of part of Hinase archipelago in Okayama prefecture Bizen city of west japan. We can get to there by taking a steamer which called Daisei-kisen it start from Hinase seaport which is very tiny seaport. Hinase-archipelago consist of mainly five island, Otabu-jima, Kakui-jima, Kashira-jima, Kou-jima, Naga-jima (“jima” or “shima” are stand for “Islamd” in Japanese.)  We can get to this inland within a short time. We can see very nice view of the Seto Inland of sea and many other island from rising ground in this island. There have old breakwater made in stone or a cave made by wave and wind. Can you find it? Let’s try to do it feeling like treasure hunter. It is thrilling the sights of sea from a cliff. But don’t plunge into the sea!

Douri Shore Here is my best favorite place in Fokuroi city in Suizuoka prefecture my home town. Long shore continues more than 100 kilometer. The view makes us feel quiet and forget illness. Sizuoka prefecture has relatively warm climato in japan. We can play fishing or water sports, bathing in there from around first week in May. But, in fact there don’t swimming area. Be careful when you are in water and at your own risk. Due to strong wind and wave, here is famous of wind surfing and surfing. In summer plenty of people visit to here to enjoy playing surfing. P.S. Let’s keep shore clean!


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