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wow, razor wire and CCTV Have there been lots of attacks on the mosque?



Just a joke :-) Are you an helicopter pilot or planes too ? And actually, where did you made your education ? Sorry for my curiosity but i always wanted become a pilot but i think with 22 years its to late now !

Best regards from Austria :-)

?? krissz24 Where are you from ?

Austia is on your list thats nice :=) Do you alredy know at wich distrikt you want spent your vocation ? There lots of nice places in Austria ! By the way your visits around the world are the only Holidays or business trips ? regards

Thanks for your answer and your adive bahamaboy :-) And the weather ! how is the weather at the bahamas ? I hope nice because i don`t like earthquakes and hurricanes ! And could you recommend me a few nice facilities or hotels where i can spend my vocation ? It would be nice :=) Here is another question: Are you born at the bahamas, or just traveld form somewhere else ? Sorry for my bad english, because german is my main language. I hope you will understant it !

Best regards form Austria :=)

are you an pilot ? grettings :-)

Nice picture ! have you ever seen nessie in the sea ? :=) +gg+ just a joke ! Are you from scotland or spented you just your vocation there ? greetings :=)

Wow Toronto is a nice city ! One day I`d want do visit this beautiful city too ! Are you from toronto teabore, or spented you just your vocation there ? Sorry for my bad english ! grettings :=)

Wow nice picture ! Are you from miami or spented you just your vocation there ? grettings :=)

wow ! Nice Picture ;=) When did you taken it, and are you from california ? Sorry for my bad english ! grettings :=)


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