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Hello. I have seen a number of your power-line shots in the Grand Rapids, MI area. I am curious as to if you do this for a job/contracted work or if it's a personal thing and what your motivation is. Thanks, Chris.

the map is wrong

the guidewire is broken

2-4 feed from the line. it is a multi willow as of april 11th hip boots for waiters are needed. nearly 2 spans of 1 to 2 foot water must be waded through. trees on south side of the river.

One span of tall skinny saplings. Probably should not be left till growing season. Access is through 2 track a 1/4 mile to the east through state land. Fields are very deep muck, stay on access road/2 track

4 plus feet from line directly under the line right by the north side of 130th street

a creek blocks access from south stumps accross right of way block from the south. the best entrance is through a locked gate off of 54th south of 126th. over 4 foot from line

Stand of poplars just south of 126th over 4 foot from the line

by my estimate the closest branches are between 6 and 9 feet from the wire

the original tree line is where the big trunks are but it seems only the center of the ROW has been cut or sprayed so these trees which are now 5 - 6 inches in diameter are quickly moving the tree further into the ROW

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