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Click the forward arrow above the photo to see another amazing view near here.

To see my other photos of this wonderful estate - keep clicking the back arrow above each photo. If you click on the photo - it will appear much larger.

For other fine photos of Henley - click the arrows above the picture 3 or 4 times (Both ways).

Visitors can go down this coalmine (called Big Pit) for free. Click forward arrow above the photo to see the tourists preparing to go underground.

To see my other photos of this fabulous estate - keep clicking the forward arrow above each picture. Remember, you can also see a much bigger image by clicking on the photograph. To reverse back - click the BACK ARROW at the top left of screen. These photos were taken during early May when the foliage was new and bright. For autumn colour, the last week of October / first week of November, is probably best.

Captain Scott Memorial.

Photo taken in early June. Other gardens in Dorset are Abbotsbury Sub-Tropical & Compton Acres.

This rather "excited" Giant was cut into the chalk hillside long ago and has been maintained ever since.

For more fine gardens in Dorset - see Abbotsbury & Minterne.

Built on The Duchy of Cornwall Estate, Prince Charles did not want another "bog standard" modern housing development. Poundbury, which takes design inspiration from the historic architecture of Dorset, is the result. It seems to be a great success and is far better than some of the hideous developments which have been covering Britain in recent years.


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