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Hi yes I can add more pictures. I was at Cuba for about 1 month in 1984.

Best regards Roger

Facultad de Matemática y Computación en el edificio Felipe Poey de la Universidad de La Habana.

Felipe Poey building, School of Computer Science and Math. Habana University

"Steam" Locomotive 1461 worked at the Ecuador Sugar Mill in Ciego de Avila

With so many classic architectural columns, Doric, Ionic and Corinthian styles, this street looks like it is from ancient Greece.

1950 Buick Roadmaster. Top of the line with 4 portholes.

Thanks a lot ecobio. I just update the position, guess now everybody agree with this one.



WOW JLHernandez!! Thanks for the utube link. I think the guy in the biplane was having WAY TOO MUCH FUN!

Just remember that the waterline is a couple of inches below the door handle. There is no rudder, so it steers by turning the front wheels. I don't think it goes faster than 2-3 knots in the water.....

And the Police Dept has a boat that does about 30 knots.

And the US Coast Guard has an inflatable boat that is faster than that.

And they also have helicopters that can be here within 20 minutes from Detroit.

I believe the body is a commercial kit. He bought the body from someone, and got the engine transmission and rear axle from a wrecked car. He took all of these parts to a shop near Cleveland, and they made a frame to fit all the parts.

When he assembled the car, he took the body panels in to be painted separately. They did a pretty good job, and most people can't see a slight difference in paint in a few places.

He had the car stored under a tarp, and it left some minor scratches in the paint. He spent time today rubbing most of them out.

There are no emblems or even door handles. The radio antenna retracts, when the radio is off. The door latches are operated by radio remote control. He pushes a button on the key ring, and the door pops open in front of you.

There is one problem with that. He was going home on the ferryboat, when it started to rain. The key was in the ignition, and the motor was running when he got out of the car to put "Rain-ex" on the windshield. The boat rocked and rolled, and the car door went "click". He had to break the window on the other side to get in and drive the car off the boat.

Actually I have taken trips with friends in both of those models.

The Cessna 207 is considered Higher-performance for its retractable gear, variable pitch propeller and powerful engine I think.

One day we tried aerobatics with a C-152, rolls and loops. We had to dive to pick up enough airspeed and momentum to do the loops, I was really scared, my friend told me the plane is not designed for that and because the carburetor was upside-down it could malfunction and stop the engine. NEVER AGAIN !

They also mentioned bush planes with big wheels and large wind span to take off and land in less than 100 feet, who needs a runway right ?


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