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It is sad that we all have to deal with this paranoia about security and the restrictions we have now; but using a US passport as document is not a big deal. If it increases our safety it is fine with me.

That does not bother me a bit, however the fact that we can't travel freely to Cuba, or anywhere else for that matter, is absurd and unamerican I would say.

That's why the government have never charged anyone, out of the thousands of US citizens that take the trip every year, because they know the laws would be declared unconstitutional. It is not illegal to travel over there, it is only illegal to spend money over there, if you can live off the land it is legal to go...

I tend to ignore most politics, I do not even watch the local news, all the crap about pro/against Castro is mind numbing around here. It is so absurd that even the legal export of food to Cuba is considered treason by many around here.

Some of my friends are pilots, they would love to do what you do for a living. In fact one just told me that if you or your friend that goes every year want to plan a trip from Canada to Habana he would join the expedition too. A lot of fun for sure.

In Michigan's Upper Peninsula, they would be hunting deer. It's a real big deal up there, and the hunting season starts in early November.

There are also too many deer here in Ohio, and also on nearby Kelleys Island. So we also have a deer hunting season in Ohio.

Some of the hunt cabins are pretty elaborite; and it is a lot of fun, just to be away, way back in the woods in the fall.

The spotlight, and maybe the headlights may be some kind of "gas" lamps. I will ask some old timers when I see them, and find out.

Beautiful shot,

The tallest buildings in the Vedado area and a 1957 Chevy to boot. Nice weather, clouds, shadows and light.


This is the beach I used to go to on weekends. It was mainly reserved for Canadian tourists; but as teenagers we always found a way to sneak in.

The beach was in a horseshoe shape and we liked to swim from one end to the other, where it was deep, perhaps 200 meters, so you had to swim or sink !

Please if you have more pictures of this place upload them.

Thanks for the memories.

Very good aerial view of the Vedado district.

I lived at the end of the wide avenue, where the trees are (Avenida Paseo).

The tower was not open to the public back then, I never had the opportunity to see this view.

Los que viviamos cerca de alli le deciamos "La raspadura" (un dulce hecho de azucar prieta con la forma de la torre).

Very nice aerial view from the Habana Libre Hotel.

In front the "Pabellon Cuba" (flat rectangular roof without walls) a place for trade fairs, artistic expos, and the like, also visible the hotels Capri and Nacional, and many residential buildings.

российские мафиозо

Green power,

I wish they had my cars, air-conditioners, plasma TV, watches, blackberries, iPod, digital cameras, computers and all the rest...

Give me paradise or give me death !


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