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Bend, Overall is the best-selling hiking/exploring guideboook for the Central Oregon region surrounding Bend . Not only does it have all the hikes, it goes beyond the typical guidebook by detailing the "local secrets" that most locals don't even know! Ask any local and they'll say "get Bend Overall".
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This school was built by my great grandfather Arthur Blunt in 1917. He lost a considerable amount of money in the endeavor. Terrific stonework.

Great capture Skomra. Good to get outta PDX once in a while, isn't it?!

Right you are, thanks! (I changed my photo title from "salamander" to "newt".) cheers, scott

The place was bad, They tried to run off anyone they didn't know, myself included. Now it is looking great! Nice photo. Heading there in mid March.

I have been enjoying your pictures. I spent years in the desert around wild burros. To some folks, like me, a tiny error jumps out at us when it is about our stuff! Not wanting to offend Id like to point out that these can be called burros, asses, donkeys or even Desert Canaries, but they aren't mules. Technically a 'mule' is a cross between two different species, such as a horse and donkey. There are flowers that are mules! You shouldn't expect to see herds of wild mules because they don't reproduce much in the wild. I 'spose it could happen once inna while though. It is fun to hear the jackasses greet the sun early in the morning when they make their distinctive bray. You can hear it for a mile or more. But then I reflect on how damaging they are to both desert plants and animals. Without predators they simply keep multiplying beyond the ability of the land to support them.

Access the behind-the-falls path on the loop trail.

Honestly, this is one of the most interesting places I've paddled....anywhere!!

You're right...I was wrong...I corrected it. Thanks!! (I had listed Mt Wash as 3-Fing'd Jack)

So glad they improved it. Horray for the corp that took it over!

Looks much better then the last time I went. Glad they got rid of the riff-raff. Looks so much better and the paople are nicer too!

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