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I am a researcher got Phd in Microbiology and radiation biosciences. Currently studying Impact of climate change on Malaria disease, ICMR. Loves so many things out of them i can say photography, pencil sketches and astronomy are the my favorite. I love to be healthy so gym is on my daily routine. I am a vegetarian, loves food with its variety whether it is south Indian. north Indian, Rajasthani, Punjabi, Assamese, Gujrati, West UP desi style, or western things. As far the Pizza, burger and soft drinks concerned no doubt they are tasty and full of style but not good for health, so I always maintain a safe distance from such harmful things. Here I discussed so many I. I am this and that etc not important at all. Beside all these egotistic I, most important thing is to be a real human leaving behind all national and religious boundaries. Love all cultures, religion, food, clothes, life styles, Demote hate, anger, violence, oppression, slavery and any kind of discrimination. Like reading sometime only, songs always hindi & english both old & new both, movies Hindi, English, Bangla, Assamese, Naga, Karbi, South India, Chinese, Korean and Local-desi all. Let me think what I hate, it take much time to list out those things, however activities as discussed earlier violence, discrimination, hate and anger, jealous etc things are very obvious. My dreams.......want to see blue whale, dinosaur skeleton, to see Mount Everest, to watch live..chasing and hunting Lion in Africa, have my big telescope, nice SLR-Camera, Bullet, big biceps and a cool job, limited bank balance to cover all these dreams but all these dreams are standing in line behind my family's dreams.


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