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Too bad you only saw trash! Just imagine a wharf with a bright red roof and an ocean liner sitting gracefully out at the "skyline; " a bright red buoy bobbing as a marker just offshore, with a lot of hustle and bustle as a crowd of hard working, poor people sweating in the hot sun, brought babanas on their heads; loading them in long boats; srong men rowing these boats laden with those fruits out to the ship for transportation to the UK. And there is more... Thank you for the photo!

Apart from fishermen who came by sea, some chased turtles in the shallow waters; and hunters who came across the rugged hill, Manatee Bay was known by very few. Actually, there were manatees eating the sea grass in the bays. Way back in the mid '50's I camped at Coquar (called Coco Bay by the locals from Old Harbour Bay) and roamed the entire area catching crabs and eating sea grapes. I cruised the bays in my row boat and fished for young barracudas inside the reefs. I explored the Pelicans, Needles and Pigeon Island. My tent was maybe a dozen feet from the water's edge and one morning I awoke to a very loud splash. When I looked at the sea I saw a large sting ray at the very edge of the water and a large shark swimming around just a few feet away in deeper water. It was such a great adventure for a teenager. Sadly, about six years ago, I tossed my dad's ashes somewhere between Pigeon Island and Bare Bush Key. Thank you, Dad, for such an adventure.

Nice to see that this beach appears to be still pristine after half-a-century! As a teenager, I camped there with fishermen for several weeks and slept in a tent just a few feet from sea. It was an adventure of a lifetime. I caught bream and snappers along the beach and fished just inside the reef where dozens of young barracudas liked to hang out. Manatee Bay was just a short walk across the sand. Thank you for this pic..

Two beautiful white sand bays, back to back and still pristine half a century later! Coquar and Manatee Bays. This section stretching from Port Royal to Portland Bight encompasses a wealth of enchanted beaches, coves, headlands and islands unlike any other part of the Jamaican coast.


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