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First of all, If you will continue spam me, Ill ban you. Dont spam my photos.

Now what about your speech. Let`s start.

Of course, Im not against Azerbaijan and havent nothing against currently Azerbaijan. But history is history and it`s impossible to forget.

What you are calling village Ilisu, its oldest Georgian area Eliseni and if Ilisu was founded at late middle centuries, cause your ancestor-Turk-Seljuk devastated it. They were very good instrument in the hands of Medieval Persian Shahs against Kingdom of Georgia. Persia always tried occupy east provinces of Georgia, deported Georgians from there to Iran, where their descendants even today are living, however, on their places Persia settled Turkman tribes-your ancestors. Or what you want to say, that Turk people are aborigine of Azerbaijan? Come on. Its more, than just funny.

I repeat, I havent nothing against Azerbaijan. We arent chauvinist too, but when you are talking me, that ethnically Georgians are only 15 000 In Hereti, thats why your ancestors did it, they Killed Georgians and devastated Georgian statehood in this region in the hands of Persia. Use of weakness of Georgia under of Persia pressure, North Caucasian tribe also used situation and moved to south, to Hereti. Thats why also they are living there. I dont speak already that you arent giving local Georgians have to be Georgian names and surnames in their passports.

And please, don`t me blackmail that Azerbaijan is guarantor economical stability of Georgia. If we need you, you need us to. Ok, try export your oil to Europe without our Black sea ports, ok? Via Russia and why not via Armenia? God luck dude.

Political stability is already funny. Dude, we had war even with Russia. Do you understand? And we are still standing. Can you proud with same?

At the and, Id like to say that Im supporter good relations Of Georgia-Azerbaijan. Must be an idiot, if you want war and bad situation with neighbors. Of course, we support good relations. But it doesn`t means we forget history.

That`s all.

Archil Kikvadze, why are you obliged to write under every your photo "Historically Georgia, present-Azerbaijan"? What do you try to prove to people?! Your act can only be called and ethnic instigation. In regions Zaqatala, Balaken, Kakh (Hereti) the population of ingiloys (ethnically Georgians) is 15 000. However total population of that 200 000. What about other 185 000 people. In this region except ingiloys, live ethnic avars, lezgins and Azeri. And they have really friendship relations. Why all these regions should be historically Georgians? It is even arithmetically not logical. The second, this bridge (name: ULU KORPU) is close to the village Ilisu (ethnic Azeris). After that village there are not dwellings. This bridge is for usage of only this village. Ilisu village was founded in the XV century. And as you said this bridge is called Queen Tamari. And Tamari lived in XII century. To whom this bride was useful, if there was not any living place at that time. Indeed, this bridge was constructed in XVIII century by people of Ilisu. And any architectural historian of Caucasus region can prove that this bridge is not heritage of XII century. I just wonder why Georgians don't love Azeris. You know, Georgians in Azerbaijan live better than in Georgia. Even they owe very high positions in Azerbaijan. But it is not same for Azeris who live in Georgia. E.g. One of 9 judges of Constitution Court of Azerbaijan is Georgian (Rafael Gvaladze). I can list you so many Georgians. Azeris are not chauvinist, and always tolerant to other nations. That is why now 20% of our land is under Armenian occupation. Don't forget that the main guarantor of today's Georgia's economical and even political stability is Azerbaijan. And your such posts only harms warm relationship between ordinary Azeris and Georgians.

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