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I’m a drafter but I think I am a photographer at heart. I find it hard to go anywhere without my camera; although it has happened. www.jjkphotos.com https://www.facebook.com/jjkphotos https://twitter.com/jjkphotos
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The view is magnificent, and I believe the hike from the parking lot is approximately 45 min. At the time when my wife & I hiked this peak, there were numerous forest fires in the area (typical for this region and time of year) and so this is why the photos looks so smoky and brown. I would however like to warn you regarding the road up to the parking lot. It is about 12 km long and extremely narrow, takes about an hour to drive up. So narrow that if someone is approaching you and wants to pass; either you or they need to back up to the nearest turn in the road and let the other by. One side of the road is a cliff. Next time I am on go on this hike I will take a photo of this.

Thanks Conrad. With so many people there the ice was in quite bad shape. It was warm during the daytime but as soon as the sun was setting it got quite cold.

I took this photo during the July-long weekend when we went camping at Cypress Hills on the Saskatchewan side for it is not as busy and they provide free fire wood. (They don't want the pine beatle in their forests) I link all photos and this one I took at the sand dunes in Saskatchewan, located roughly 20km East of Liebenthal. It was about a 2.5 hour drive north of Cypress Hills Provincial Park.

Hi Conrad, You are right, this is Horseshoe Bay. A firend of mine used to live in Halfmoon Bay before he moved to North Van, one of the ferries travels from Horseshoe Bay to Halfmoon Bay not the other way around.


Thanks Jan - and all the best of the season to you and your family!

Hi Rafal - thanks for the heads up re the Superstore special! But...in the eighteen months I've owned my digital camera, and about 10,000 images later, I have yet to print a single picture. No need; any personal photosharing I do is through Picasa. Have I gone overboard in embracing the digital world? Don't know. But now the pressure is on; hopefully you will find a few respectable images in my gallery!



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