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What you guys even got some bananas!! what type are they. They are mainly tropical fruits, where they developed for Sub Tropical areas? I mean Gainesville do get frost or near it at least once a year. They look like Orinoco or Johnson Bananas. If you cut that big one in the back, it will grow some new children abound its based. I have been told that it may also be rooted given that bananas are a very fleshy herb. But I do not how this may work or whether it is true. But if it true. It should rejuvenate the plant, allow the fruits to be lower and more robust. I would like to know if this information is true. In fact am going to look it up in the Internet.

Is this still an Organic Gardening Group? I was one of the founding members back in 1971 through 1974. I stayed in Gainesville until 1978 to finish a masters.

I was in the Environmental Action Group, and this was one of our projects with an Older Gentleman I do not recall his name, but he was studying a major in Soil. He was a real go getter, and convince IFAS to allow us to do this project. This was at a time when Organic Farming and Gardening was not a popular not even a thought in the head of IFAS brain. And this guy was instrumental in convincing the Head of IFAS to give us this lots. I had the space close to the street and Lake Alice. The whole area appears to have change quite a bit. I do not recall the Cory Apartments being there. It may not even be the same location were our gardens were located.

Am quite disoriented given the whole build up area. During my era, all of this area around the garden was mostly woods. And part of Lake Alice. I was also involved in the early 1970 in stopping the Cross Campus Highway. Which as I recall City of Gainesville alone with the University of Florida were willing to build a three lane highway on both sides of Lake Alice (which most still be a wildlife reserve). Non of that building complexes on the Southwest side of Lake Alice was there. Most of it was agriculture research projects. Am sad by what I see in Google Earth, the building around Lake Alice is alarming, although am sure would have been much worse if they would have managed to build the Cross Campus Highway. Fraternity Row and the Gulf Course was about the only building developments around Lake Alice. I guess no one can stop PROGRESS.

I would like an answer as to what it is now and how it is organized. With the money collected from renting the plots we where able to buy a fairly strong tool shed, a roller tiller and shredders.

May The Force be with you.

This actually isn't a picture of the biodiesel plant. These are the main storage silos of the Archer Daniel Midland's grain elevator (formerly the Carolina Soya Soybean Refinery). It is located just next door to the biodiesel plant. The biodiesel plant is to the right of the buildings in this photo.

Cross Creek is all dried up now, and the levels in Orange Lake are

709 caldwell st newberry sc no ghosts noted yet.

This appears to be shot from the boardwalk (looking SW) on the lake bed loop trail, NE of the location marked currently.

Those are all of the newer signs,older ones already taken .Alot were taken in one night (older) . My Granddaddies build the store.

This what a tropical beach should look like! ( correct spelling is "PASTELILLOS")

Beautiful shot! I like! Best wishes from Brazil. Caio

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