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Gemäß § 28 BDSG widerspreche ich Angebot, Vermitlung, Weitergabe und Nutzung meiner Bilder und Daten zu kommerziellen Zwecken. ============================= I HAVE DELETED (nearly) all my MAPPED PHOTOS and will mostly refrain from mapping, tagging, grouping, etc., as that leads to (facilitates and encourages) usage which I neither agreed to nor approve of. Just my small protest action after years of PanoGoogle's failure (unwillingness?) to communicate with users in a responsible and timely manner to address their CONCERNS and INTERESTS (Copyright being only one). I know all about "priorities" and those darn bean-counters & lawyers ... but hiding behind "volunteer forum moderators" (most of whom are doing a commendable job) doesn't free Panoramio from legal responsibilities and liabilities (especially some of the legal hooks and pitfalls), nor does "cleverly" changing the user agreement in such a way as to reneg on earlier contract clauses or by (re)writing them in such a way that would seemingly force users to assign ownership rights to Google in ways that are not compatible and/or allowed with basic legal restrictions and laws of different countries that users reside in or use Google services from. ============================= (NOTE also http://blog.panoramio.com/2011/10/panoramio-and-copyright.html and http://www.panoramio.com/user/8060)

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Thanks, fialka
Greetings, Roland

Danke, Volker. Ich war über Wochenende (damals noch HL) daheim. Im Gegensatz war in S "Frühling"...
Gruß, Roland

Hier ist's auch ganz ungefährlich ;-)

Thanks for visit and like, Sjeng
Greetings, Roland

Thanks a lot, Sjeng
Greetings, Roland

Wusste noch nicht, daß sich Schneemänner von Gras ernähren :)

Aber hier oben im Norden wurde ich Zeuge, wie sie sich wegen eines Schneeweibchens ganz heftig streiten.



Wally.... :)

like usually, most things works proper with 2nd thoughts only. How it is with great minds :-]

"Political correctness" requires to state that he takes his own shot of the great thinker. But a closer look at the different angle of his camera makes me think there is something far more exciting than this bloody tin man... I do think... ;)

Einen nicht ganz frostigen Abend :)

Thanks for visit , Dick
Greetings, Roland

Antonio, gracias por tu visita, amable comentario y L-13

Saludos, Amparo.



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