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Gemäß § 28 BDSG widerspreche ich Angebot, Vermitlung, Weitergabe und Nutzung meiner Bilder und Daten zu kommerziellen Zwecken. ============================= I HAVE DELETED (nearly) all my MAPPED PHOTOS and will mostly refrain from mapping, tagging, grouping, etc., as that leads to (facilitates and encourages) usage which I neither agreed to nor approve of. Just my small protest action after years of PanoGoogle's failure (unwillingness?) to communicate with users in a responsible and timely manner to address their CONCERNS and INTERESTS (Copyright being only one). I know all about "priorities" and those darn bean-counters & lawyers ... but hiding behind "volunteer forum moderators" (most of whom are doing a commendable job) doesn't free Panoramio from legal responsibilities and liabilities (especially some of the legal hooks and pitfalls), nor does "cleverly" changing the user agreement in such a way as to reneg on earlier contract clauses or by (re)writing them in such a way that would seemingly force users to assign ownership rights to Google in ways that are not compatible and/or allowed with basic legal restrictions and laws of different countries that users reside in or use Google services from. ============================= (NOTE also http://blog.panoramio.com/2011/10/panoramio-and-copyright.html and http://www.panoramio.com/user/8060)

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Danke Dir, Gabi
Aber jetzt kanns erst mal wieder warm werden ;-)
LG, Roland

Thanks a lot, Dick
Greetings, Roland

Thanks Christos. It's an amazing hotel - there was a TV programme about it in the UK earlier in the week. We had a coffee and cake in the foyer, I think I'm just over the shock of the price :)

Hallo Heiner, das ist ein großartiges Foto mit einer einzigartigen Ausstrahlung. Das Bild erinnert mich an meine Kindheit, damals auf einem Bauernhof als die Welt noch in Ordnung zu sein schien. L+F und liebe Grüße aus Tirol, Heinz

Thanks for your LIke + Favorite. Carmeta. Best regards cheers scally.

wow... da waren ja noch welche :)

Dank fürs Reinschauen Gabi, 'Mr Robot' ;), dem Würmer as well as Mahdi

cheers, michael

Thanks, fialka
Greetings, Roland

Danke, Volker. Ich war über Wochenende (damals noch HL) daheim. Im Gegensatz war in S "Frühling"...
Gruß, Roland

Hier ist's auch ganz ungefährlich ;-)



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