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I was initiated into the world of f. stops and shutter speeds at an early age by my father when he gave me my first camera. Until I was in Kindergarten, he developed and printed his own photos, but at that time he began using that relatively new photographic product Kodachrome because he loved the rich colour it gave, even though he disliked losing the control he had enjoyed in the darkroom. I supposed I received an informal photographic education as I watched him carefully frame his shots, and, for example, photograph tulips with the sunlight coming through them because the colour was more intense that way. ---------- In 1957 I began to use slide film, too, and a year later I received an amazing gift from a family friend: a trip to Europe, upon the occasion of my university graduation. In Germany I bought my first SLR (a Contaflex) at a time when they were fairly new on the popular market. Also on that trip, one of my travel companions gave a not entirely welcome boost to my informal photographic education: frequently when I raised my viewfinder to my eye, he would say disdainfully, "You aren't going to take a picture of THAT, are you?" Sometimes I did and sometimes I didn't, but his implied criticism raised my photographic consciousness. I realize now that I had assumed that an amateur photographer should record every sight of interest or significance whether or not this produced a good image. His comments started me along the long road of discerning what my photography was all about. Gradually over the decades I became less a reporter and more a seeker of images. ---------- At first I resisted digital photography because of my loyalty to the colours of slide film, but in 2004 I got my first digital camera. I was a quick convert to the editing that it made possible: now I could have colour AND control! ---------- Although my photographic interest and activity has gone back many decades, it was always only a minor theme in my life story. Born and educated in the United States, I moved to Canada when I married a Canadian. I have taught religious studies in colleges in the USA and Canada, worked in a church archives, and written articles and books mainly in the area of women and the church. I am now writing a biography of an interesting, feisty woman! But my husband's retirement has enabled us to travel a great deal in recent years, and this has given a great boost to my photographic interest and activity. ---------- I'm sorry this is so long. Thank you if you persisted!

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Wonderful view! Perfect shot for colors, lights and shadows, great composition. Like Best regards, Klaus

Delighted to know that you Like this shot Filip. Thanks for visit. Greetings, Christian

Is this the actual location of Hyperion? Seems the area is fitting to all the descriptions I've read.

Il penche dans le sens du débarquement Dust! ;) Merci pour le F+Like. Amitiés, christian

tstststs....... :)

That tough lady that guides us in a group of 4 throughout Lincoln Center made it the we did not took any pictures inside of the buildings.

I recall that we visited a theatre too in the 80s. School class event for some days in Prague. The local comunists party organized a piano concert. We were invited to see the final rehearsal.... With no digital imagery at that time ;)

Merci de votre visite Marilyn !! la brume ajoute toujours du mystère aux choses !!!

Amitiés de France --Pierre

exciting... It seems to be that folks made a lot of sun oriented temples. If not the named rocks for that - Temple of the sun in Capitol Reef, north district from 30,000 ft distance.


that seems like it was an impressive tour, Marilyn.

cheers, michael

Wonderful Picture!!!!!



Like! Very beautiful picture!



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