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Yes, Torbay was painted blue as a trial scheme. Black submarines are easily spotted in clear waters. In areas located in warmer climates the water is much clearer and a submerged black hull stands out like a sore thumb from above with makes visual identification from a helicopter far easier. The theory was that a blue submarine would blend in with the ocean colour. When talking to a Torbay crew member during a visit onboard, he said that it was a long weekend that wasn't really worth the cost of the paint. No other Royal Navy submarine has been painted anything other than black.

Torbay also has the nickname 'Tor-gay' - in reference to a scandal several years ago about sexual activity amongst some of the crew members - submarines currently have all-male crews.

The court №18 here has been played the longest match in the history of tennis John Izner - Nicolas Mahut 6/4 3/6 6/7 (7) 7/6 (3) 70/68.

Thanks you for this photo!

Ships? Boats at best, surely?

Interesting house. is any of it, inside or out, original or has been it been repaired and restored once too often?

How does it protect itself?

Perhaps the least exciting view of the old poly.

La chaîne vue du Chalet Borel Ovide

A redundant United Reformed Church nattily converted by the Uni into a gallery/vestibule with not one but two large lecture theatres sandwiched above, the higher being a popular venue for chamber music.

Very Style.Salutations.

Ces immenses photos n'ont pas été conçues comme des objets d'art, mais comme un outil pour faciliter le rapprochement et le dialogue entre les juifs, les musulmans et les chrétiens d'Israël : Le photographe, un jeune parisien, est un artiste qui n'est pas à son premier projet :

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL - 2007 MARCH 7: French artists from the "Face2Face" project paste giant posters of a Palestinian Muslim cleric (L), an Arab Christian priest (C) and an Israeli Jewish rabbi on Israeli's separation barrier March 7, 2007 where it cuts the West Bank Palestinian town of Abu Dis off from Arab East Jerusalem. The Face2Face project produces similar portraits of Palestinians and Israelis who do similar jobs, and then posts them alongside each other on both the Israeli and Palestinian side of the separation barrier. The authors say they hope their project will contribute to a better understanding between Israelis and Palestinians.

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