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Adventurous spirit in the quest for discovery in the northern outback of la belle province ! During the summer months I undertake a host of grass roots projects with the goal of further discovering what is lesser known about a region almost as big as Europe ! My relatively frail state of health, despite restricting my capacity to stay active all day, has opened new horizons in the sense that I now spend much time discovering the more distant reaches of my homeland in the quest for representative photography which I include with some accompanying descriptions...Although, despite my vertigo currently making it impossible to ride a motor vehicule, my attempts to regain some lost vitality riding a mountain bike have somewhat been limited despite my attempts to go far out without crossing a high bridge ! Despite my limitations , I abide by the understanding that good people like good governments do good things ! For further descriptions visit my WEB site at :
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Marianne R., Add Page Thank You friends. Welcome.

Wow, more than a beautiful picture!

Excellent capture, YsL

♥♥♥♥ Happy Valentines Day ♥♥♥♥ greetings, moni

The reason why the emergency vehicule is green is because the main color of the CLSC logo is green, also. Not because of the northern wilderness ;)

At the origin in 1995, this vehicule was also equipped with front and rear rail wheels, in order to proceed with emergency services in Clova and hospital transfer towards La Tuque.

It is good to hear such a nice comment and beautiful picture of our little valley. We are not well known or visited by outsiders. We live nearby these falls and I have also posted a few pictures of our little corner of La Belle Province.

Actually, Rustybiker, this is the Rivière Kazabazua, rather than the Picanoc, which is the next large stream to the north. This stream flows east and enters the Rivière Gatineau near the village of Kazabazua.

Regarding the future once dwelling on the quality of the environment permitting aquatic life to thrive, the river despite being along a very large population basin that goes towards the great lakes region of central north America still gives the occasion to witness much in terms of an ecosystem teeming with life which in this day and age of mass consumerism including from emerging economies, pollution and global warming with rising carbon dioxide levels that may some day smother aquatic,such aquatic life may someday represent a relative oddity knowing that the capacity living organisms have to function with less oxygen is limited with due consideration for the fact that the oceans in massively absorbing carbon dioxide have experienced a displacement of dissolved oxygen... Despite the assumption that aquatic plants will proliferate thus perpetuation the cycle of oxygen generation by a greater number of plankton and plants in general, such hasn't been the case...Thus , with CO2 levels which are deemed as several orders of magnitude greater than surface levels (on land) it seems like a short question of time before aquatic life irremediably suffers notwithstanding the additional consequence resulting from acidification...No need to mention that carbon dioxide is much more soluble in water than oxygen and thus has the capacity to easily displace oxygen...With regards to such postulations, notable examples are to uncover including with the dramatic population declines of Atlantic salmon on the Atlantic coast and scampies on the pacific coast which are attributed to the aforementioned factors

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