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Adventurous spirit in the quest for discovery in the northern outback of la belle province ! During the summer months I undertake a host of grass roots projects with the goal of further discovering what is lesser known about a region almost as big as Europe ! My relatively frail state of health, despite restricting my capacity to stay active all day, has opened new horizons in the sense that I now spend much time discovering the more distant reaches of my homeland in the quest for representative photography which I include with some accompanying descriptions...Although, despite my vertigo currently making it impossible to ride a motor vehicule, my attempts to regain some lost vitality riding a mountain bike have somewhat been limited despite my attempts to go far out without crossing a high bridge ! Despite my limitations , I abide by the understanding that good people like good governments do good things ! For further descriptions visit my WEB site at :

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Great images ! the last time I explored the area was in late summer by bike. It was an ordeal I'm not ready to forget...

  • The area is an unexpected surprise considering what we typically expect from the Canadian shield which is mostly devoid of stark topography...But then the topography isn't fully stark, it's rockier !

Great image ! Stark with realism !

Despite the reality of street view by Google which gives us a good glimpse of the buildings and representative architecture to uncover in a city, we'll have to admit that the forgotten alleys deserve some consideration also !

Montreal was blessed with many wonderful alleys which hold their own share of amazing secrets !

The Valin mountains viewed from the Saguanay river in the immediate vicinity of Chicoutimi. The hills in rising from the vicinity of sea level to close to 3000 feet offer an amazing vista on the region

This most peculiar image was taken in the woods miles from civilisation in an area which is mostly devoid of human presence. If you look closesly you'll remark thats some of the buildings are amazingly small. Despite what you may think, there aren't any chipmunks adopting the place as home ! It's just a way for people to avoid feeling totally stranded out beyond the reach of civilisation

The outback feeling is unmistakeable in this little hamlet lost in the northern wilderness

Lost in the woods without a soul to encounter the sole traveller which I am seems to sway to the rythms of nature forgetting time and succumbing to the appeal of its presence being under its spell observing its wonders and listening to its harmonies while slowing advancing towards a distant destination. The # 2 bike path more commonly known as the "Petit train du nord" which spans the Laurentian hills north of Montreal offers many such delightful moments discovering scenery that often seems relatively untouched set within hills that give an added touch of magic to the moment. The towns to encounter along the way themselves are a witness to what often is a forgotten past and thus offer additional delightful moments of discovery.

Within the heart of Montreal the occasional unpretentious city parks to encounter offers the urban dweller the much needed change from the hectic pace of urban existence being a haven of peace within a city in perpetual animation .

Along the 381 road some Km's south of Boileau in the lake St John region, the site actually being in the vicinity of where I took another image at Ha Ha lake (check data on the other image, the following image having been unknowingly posterised..). The senery while typical of the Canadian shield is starker in the outback which despite the lower elevations are to be found what in appearance looks like true mountains...

Lake Edouard, a lost haven within the northern woods is situated on the shores of a lake giving access to a realm of waters where a bounty of fish are to be found !



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